Playing With Shadows On Wall

I am a bit like a real child sometimes, which is connected to my Champion nature. For some nights, I had time to reconnect with myself. One fascinating way of attracting myself to listen to myself is playing with shadow figures on wall. I usually lay on my bed after turning the lights off and preferably after turning on an Oil Diffuser; then, I create shadow figures with my hands and arms.

I have made different kinds of shadows so far including dog, butterfly, horses, and swan necks. I even used my to hands to show fast couple dancing. The best part is when I make stories inside my head while playing. In one game, I used my hands and arms to create figures of what I visualized as people; and, I tilted the hand to show their heads. I imagined that one is a girl and the second is a guy. There are so many interesting stories inside my head!

I usually feel hypnotized with how my arms and hands move in a very elegant manner and how flexible they are. I have always been an explorer, which is how it is easy for me to investigate something as simple as a shadow.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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