Why Music And Songs Make Me Feel Drunk

I love listening to great music because my brainwaves allow me to experience music to its deepest levels. I do not have any training in playing music and the only instruments I can actually play are the drum and dholki⁠. Some months ago, I played the violin for the first time and the tunes came out really well somehowI have never fully thought of formally training myself in singing songs and playing instruments. I usually turn on the music when I need to danceI dance to stay fit and to enjoy myself. What others might find queer is that I also listen to music and songs when I am really sad. Inside my eclectic brain this experience is like getting drunkl have never drunk alcoholic beverages though. I listen mostly to Bollywood (Indian cinema), Lollywood (Pakistani cinema) songs; songs sung by independent Pakistani and Indian singers and bands; all sorts of English songs; and, some Oriental songs. However, I am selective about what type of lyrics I may listen to. For example, I don’t listen to lyrics that are very submerged in sex and exploitation of female body. Most of the songs I listen to are very romantic; the rest are about other things like “Hero’s Come Back” by Japanese hip-hop band Nobodyknows.

Some of my favorite singers/band are as follows:

Adnan Sami

Vital Signs

Enrique Iglesias

Alka Yagnik


Lata Mangeshkar

Kishore Kumar

Asha Bhosle



Udit Narayan

Arijit Singh

Shreya Ghoshal

Kumar Sanu

Sonu Nigam

Javed Ali

Fort Minor

Marc Anthony


Backstreet Boys

Spice Girls


Celine Dion

Shehzad Roy

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


Tina Turner

The Fray

Owl City

Air Traffic Controller


Goo Goo Dolls

Mohammad Rafi

Bally Sagoo


Kings of Leon

R. Kelly


James Blunt

The Temptations

Elvis Presley

Dean Martin

Ben E. King

Ash King

Ali Haider



Ahmed Rushdi

Arnab Chakraborty

Mehdi Hassan

Anwar Rafi

There are lots of other favorites simply because songs and music are part of my soulI listen to Beethovan too. However, I have noticed that I cannot sing certain words owing to my philosophical nature, which is why I am still part of the world of Spoken Words (Poetry). I mostly listen to songs because it strikes something incredible inside in my head.  I can feel my brain adjusting rather quickly and exotically to the hypnosis caused by the mathematics of songs and music.

Two factors contribute to my ability to listen to creative music; play a couple of instruments; dance; and, write rather deep poetry.

  1. I am a Rajput by birth. I have read a little bit about the Rajputs; and, I know some facts about some of  family members. Thus, it is easy for me to conclude that the Rajputs are a genius clan. Read my blog post, “My Lineage: I am Rajput“.
  2. I can engage in lucid dreaming. I can hear different types of music throughout the day including music of breath, soul, body, guts, animals, and atmosphere. Read my blog post “Music of Lucid Dreamers“.

Overall, this existence has been a very deep experience! Perhaps the most fun part is that I have survived the process of adulthood and a part of me is just like a child.

Here are some helpful readings:

The magical mathematics of music
Why Teaching Poetry Is So Important

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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