Inducing Spectacular Dreams By Using Hero Figures

I am an ENFP so I draw energies from people, which is one reason why I can get breathtaking dreams while thinking about those I consider heroes. Just some days ago, I was thinking about works of one of my heroes who is mentioned in the blog post “Dance of Heroes” when I had a lucid dream that I will never forget.

I will not be discussing this dream in detail here because I am saving it for my book. But here are some things that were in this mega-dream:

  • Aeroplane
  • Bridge
  • A large crowd
  • Church (a large golden building)

I recorded details of this hypnotic sighting immediately; I have total ten minutes of data in form of two recordings. The most interesting part was how the entire dream was cluttered with people and how chasing a dream character took me to an enormous church building. This was crazy cool!

I must comment that there might be times when your dreams would be disturbed because the works or heroes you are reading relate to some difficult subject matters like genocide. Mine did too; here is a nightmare that I had while I was thinking about writings of a hero who is listed in blog post “Dance of Heroes“. If you do feel worried due to some dreams, do not give up because there will definitely be moments where you will be stupefied by what you can create while thinking about your inspiration.

What kind of inspiring work would you create if you thought about me and/or my writings?

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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