I have thought about this for some years now. It seems that I have attracted both who truly love and appreciate me and who wish to only manipulate and abuse me. I have completed the HowStuffWorks’ quiz “What Type of Guy Is Most Attracted to You?” twice and both times my results have shown that I can attract only smart men to myself. My second ex-fiance was Dyslexic and he used to beat me in chess a second or so. I have never met anyone else who could do this! So this is how I know that only the smartest men can get attracted to me. Furthermore, most of the people who have targeted me have been identified by others around them as narcissistic in nature. Narcissists are very smart people; do you know that some Medical Doctors are narcissists? I can attract narcissists very easily towards myself because I am an Empath. My empathy is related to the fact that I am an ENFP and that I am a Muslim. This is how the abusers have always misunderstood my real intentions! I plan to challenge my abusers by discussing things on stage; even then, I have to play it very careful to make sure that I am not injured any further. This shall be fun because I usually give it my best shot. For instance, I learned how to sell very simple items like hair curling rods, pillow covers, and duvets—I did amazing at generating sales within the assigned time—so that I am prepared to sell my upcoming books and workshops.


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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