I Received A Kiss On My Hand!

I had an interesting lucid dream today in the morning. I was with a Pakistani family whom I have known for some while. One of the couples who lived there had left their bed for me. The wife of my older cousin had decided to sleep on the floor so that I may have the bed. One of my younger male cousins was sitting on the bed next to me as I sat there too. I was about to leave to get something done when he held my hand and kissed it twice. I felt puzzled about this; so I investigated this gesture when I woke up. According to Dream Moods dictionary, a kiss on the hand signifies reverence and appreciation. So that means that my cousin still respects me. He is a quiet person; and, he was pretty young when we left Pakistan around 20 years ago. I am happy that I had a glimpse of some members of this family through my lucid dreams.

I find the dream world really beautiful because it is void of pretenses and offers the truth.

Goodnight! I am off to exploring the dreamscape further.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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