South Asian Women Face Ongoing Harsh Abuse In Canada

I have stated in my blog that I have experienced abuse from some members of the Pakistani, Muslim Canadian, and Canadian communities. Once a Pakistani-Canadian man questioned me about why so many people are willing to target me. I looked right at him and realized that the Pakistani-Canadian men and most Canadian men don’t realize what we women are going through—I removed him from my network since his statements confirmed my existing suspicions.

Read the article “The Intersectional Oppressions of South Asian Immigrant Women and Vulnerability in Relation to Domestic Violence: A Case Study“, which is written by Dr. Ferzana Chaze and Archana Medhekar and published by the Ontario Bar Association. This article clearly states that the South Asian women can experience abuse and mistreatment from within the South Asian community and the Canadian society.

Check out the article “What Are Immigrants’ Experiences Of Discrimination In The Workplace?“, which is published by The Toronto Immigrant Employment Data Initiative. According to this post, increased fluency in French or English causes more discrimination in the workplace. So its very easy to see that our skills, qualifications, and experience are not necessarily ensuring our safety.

Review “Douglas Todd: Female foreign students endure harassment, exploitation“, which is written by Douglas Todd and published on Vancouver Star. The author asserts that the younger female foreign students are usually scared of being abused, especially when a manipulative employer intimidates them by telling them that they will report them to immigration officials. Abuse of the students is very common in Canada. This article is discussing what is happening to the female foreign students. But, I know that even the local Canadian students face harassment on campus, which is offered by the teachers and management. See Globe and Mail’s article “Justice on campus”. I have recently observed some foreign students being misused at an Ottawa-based college. This is how I know that abuse of students is an ongoing issue in Canada! Obviously, foreign students are more at risk than the local ones.

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