A Surprising Dream: I Don’t Know What To Say

I had a very intriguing dream today. Actually, I had small snippets of dreams; this is how I write and think sometimes because doing so generates more content.

In the first dream snippet, I saw a beautiful Indian actress who used to be very wealthy and had all the things that one could ever desire.  Then her entire mansion got flooded. Then the mainstream media opened a story about her for some reason. I could now see things from a computer screen. The woman was wearing white and she was moving on her hands and knees. She was actually acting really freaky like Medusa. She would move forward and backward all bent like this; she would raise and move her legs like a snake moves; and, she was no longer fully human. I thought that this is because her place got flooded when she was younger and she had to learn how to grow and develop from snakes that now lived inside the mansion as well. Maybe, that is how the upcoming rich generation is going to exist. Everything around us is destabilizing due to global warming and floods. Looks like I had a nightmare, which is a signal of increased creativity!

Now then, the dream scene just shifted rather gently and swiftly. I was with an world-renowned American Human Rights Advocate. I was sitting next to him and holding one of his hands. We were in a room where there was also a study table. I was saying something to him and he was listening to me. I felt I was somehow taking care of him. Up close, it was easy to see that he was a very sensitive and gentle soul. Then I decided to just leave and he opened and closed the door for me. Then he looked at me through the closed door and smiled; somehow, I heard his voice asking me to visit again sometimes. I think this dream signals that I have found one of my spirit guides because I somehow felt close to this person. Spirit guides offer several benefits like teach the dreamer how to write through dreams; share interesting things like a ride in a bus or train; protect dreamer’s friends if they are in danger; and, offer comfort when the dreamer requires it and given that the spirit guide has consented to do this task.

Browse through the “Can your dreams Hurt You In Real Life?” post that was posted in the “Above Top Secret” forum; and, you will be very surprised to find out that some people have reported injuries that they had after dreaming. Actually, I do not know if this can be done because I have never done this; but, now I know that other people are reporting injuries. The article “Dream a Bigger Dream: How We Truly Create Our Reality“, which is written by Ashmi Pathela and is published on Thrive Global, clearly states that more than 90% of the matter is empty space; everything including thoughts are types of energies; and, consciousness of the observer influences how energy particles move, interact, and exist. Therefore, it is easy to envision that dreams can alter the reality. This means that the concepts or thoughts that are exchanged during dreams can alter what is happening in the physical dimension. This is why some of my prayers work really well; and, this is why I can help some bullies or needy people heal.

I must comment that my lucid dreaming experience is a bit as follows: Around two days ago, I cleaned some chickpeas and added spices to them so that I may eat them raw. I did not get to finish all of these so I left some of these in the fridge. Then I forgot about them. After two or maybe three days, I found the chickpeas again. But the spices and the cold temperature of the fridge had acted on the chickpeas and sucked most of the water from it. The chickpeas were now more fun to chew and my mouth started feeling a bit hot after I was done. I did not knew that this can be done to chickpeas. Lucid dreaming feels like this!

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