Message From Burned Girls From Somewhere In Asia

I started my lucid dreaming project as a response to the threats that were being issued to the Muslims since 9/11. At the beginning, I was just an inexperienced dreamer who was trying to sort things. During these early days of lucidity, I had this particular dream. I hid it inside my head because I did not knew what it actually meant. A while ago, I realized that I had a burning desire to learn Social Justice and Human Rights, which is the reason I had more relevant dreams including some historic ones. Well! now that my mind has cleared, I will share with you this particular dream of mine. Mind you! One reason I hid this inside my mind is that it was too horrific to share.

There was a house or a school of some sort somewhere in Asia. It was only for younger girls and women. These girls and women studied and slept there. It was their sanctuary! One night they went to sleep just like they usually do. And, then someone started a fire and the girls burned. I was there, just watching everything as it took place. The people who started the fire meant it! Nobody helped these ladies as they screamed and burned and burned alone and right in front of me. Slowly the smoke built inside the entire building; and, I could hardly see them although I was fully aware of how their skin was burning fast and how scared they really were. Due to this sight, something inside my mind almost died as well. Then the door of the building just opened; and, I could see my younger brother standing at the door. I heard his voice, “By the time I got there, they were all burned. I am sorry I couldn’t help them in time.” I woke up after hearing this!

So you see why I tried hiding this dream. I panicked; I got frightened; I shook with fear for a very long time; I got discouraged; I got numb; and, I experienced all of this because some of my dream characters had died. All of these are real feelings! I feel things whenever my dream characters get injured. My dreams sometimes come true and other times they indicate larger concepts by combining things that won’t come true or displaying things in an abstract manner.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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