Is Future Predetermined?

I had an interesting lucid dream some while ago when I slept thinking about a specific publisher. I am still working on my first book; it still needs thorough review and edit; and, I have not been able to get to it due to my work schedule. Although I have talked to this publisher and reviewed other options, I still have not decided whom to publish with.

During my dream, I received a package. My printed book was very colorful; and, it had the name of the owner of the publishing company printed on it as well. And, I heard some sort of voice that showed some intentions of the owner of the publishing company although I was unable to fully decipher what was being said.

Oh! I think that I have received multiple dreams related to this publisher and people who visit his company or are his friends. I don’t know any of these individuals up close; but, I receive these dreams when I am thinking about this particular publisher or his work. Some are rather vague yet others are strong signals. For example, the dream “Lucid Dreams Show Processes” is connected to volunteers or artists who are somehow connected to this publisher.

Since I have not made a decision yet, does the dream about publication of my book indicate that matters are predetermined? I have always wondered about how destined and chance events work. I am tempted to believe that God can create both types of events. I think God wills which events are going to be chance events and which are going to be predetermined; and, the way things are orchestrated, we humans receive the illusion of time. Lucid Dreams are how the illusion of time can be erased; but, to what extent and for what reason? Don’t you see that this dream has added a conviction inside my mind. Am I going to attempt to publish the first or second book with this publisher? And, why is this choice important enough for this dream to exist?

I wonder how and why God created this universe!

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