Canada Is Not A Multicultural Country

Did you see NEWS 1130’s video Racist rant at Burnaby store caught on cam?

Here a female shopper is yelling at a staff member, “Shut up, speaking in Chinese in front of me…Shut up, speak English in Canada”. Although I do realize that it is important to address someone in the language they understand, I still do not understand a lot of other things that took place during this incident.

By saying “Shut up” so many times, this abuser is scaring and shunning the staff, especially the woman. She is saying “Shut up” so many times almost like this conduct has been practiced many times; and, this tells me that this manner of addressing foreigners or colored people is very common in Canada. She is not even giving her room to breath. She is not noticing that this woman is speaking in Englishher English is not fluentand that she is visibly disturbed after hearing her speech because she understands what is being said to her.

This video clearly shows that some racist Canadians don’t know their place. This staff member was mumbling a bit. I know that if someone has ESL issues, then it is important to give them some room to think so that they may be able to speak betterthis is true for anyone who is struggling to learn a new language. But, apparently this woman who sounds like a very angry military leader does not know this at all. Furthermore, Canada always boasts about being multicultural; but, in reality it is one of the most racist countries in the world. Canada brings so many foreigners and there are so many people here who belong to different cultures and religions; but, some Canadians fail to respect them and trash them whenever they find an opportunity to do so. For instance, it is very easy to find Canadian teachers and students who mock the accent  and language skills of English-speaking Chinese students. I have come across such people while studying or working in Canada. What you are seeing in this video is common attitude in some areas of Canada. Lastly, I know that Canada actually traps foreigners and immigrants here in order to utilize their money and resources. Read “Should Foreigners Or Colored People Choose Canada for Stay or Business?”

I got so stressed after watching this video that I am planning to fry chips for myself. Potatoes relax me and give me great lucid dreams.


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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