My Best Prayer

There are many types of prayers. Some are to ask for the basic needs to be fulfilled; and, others are issued after much thinking.

Here is my best prayer. It is one of the best prayers because it arose after realizing the importance of female thinkers and artists in this decaying world. You must have learned from my blog that I am a creative writer, a poet, a lucid dreamer, and a Human Rights advocate. I mostly use my writings and dreams to offer protection to humans. The ability to have lucid dreams is one of the gifts that can revive life on this planet where basic rights of many humans have gone missing while wars, floods, and plagues are taking over. Read “Lucid Dreams Suggest That Women Should Be Leaders In Peacebuilding
So here is my best prayer. I say this one often; and, when I am not saying it, I think about it.

May there be more women who would follow my footsteps; and may there be female poets, thinkers, and lucid dreamers who can take my place after I die.


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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