It is possible to use lucid dreams and dream characters to adjust the inner and outer watches. Inner watch is inside my mind and soul; and, the outer watch is based on my  actions. I have performed this technique many times and in many ways; and I have found this method to be a super-easy task.

This can be done in as many ways as you need it to be done; and, this can be worked to any level and format according to your potential. I have learned from experience that my inner and outer watches work in sync very fast only when I am among those I trust and love; and, they sometimes shuts down in their own.

So here is how some of this game proceeds.

Sometimes, dream characters appear and leave funny signals like a guy yawning near a clock so that I had to snatch it before he falls fully asleep. Other times, I time  imaginary clocks to make myself wake up on time; I do this because I sometimes miss out on my two alarms. Furthermore, I use energies that I have stored in my mind by observing other people. Of course! I have some favourites (heroes) when it comes to use of energies.  One American speaker who is mentioned in this list has perfect energy for this purpose. I learned about some of his vibrances when I met him in real life—I can learn viberances of humans through videos too. So before sleeping at night, I imagine placing a round clock on the wall that is on the left side of my bed. Then I say that the dream character who resembles this speaker will make sure that this new clock wakes me up on time. And, every single time, after doing this, I wake up on time. Just today in the morning when I used this imaginary clock and this speaker’s energy again, I saw a dark creature enter my room and move towards my desk as soon as I opened my eyes. Oh! the bond between me and this particular speaker is very beautiful and strong owing to the connection between our thoughts and writings. Once, I saw his dream character sitting near me and talking to me. This is why using his energy multiple times on the imaginary clock created a dark creature. 

Only sometimes, the inner and outer clocks sync very strongly so I can start seeing very extensive answers really fast. I have documented two incidences here: “Chance Or Destined Events?” and “Good Souls Channel Together”.

I originally thought that this could not be done until I gave it a shot. I have learned this over time. This is how I have learned that lucid dreams are something you can learn and utilize in daily life.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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