Significance Of White Colour In Lucid Dreams

I sometimes get lucid dreams where I interact with dream characters who are dressed in white. In one dream, I was wearing a white dress and standing next to a dream characterI thought that he was my future husbandas he bled near a pond. Read “Creating Change“. In another dream, I was dressed in white; and, I interacted with the dream character of an American professor and then saved a Canadian woman from being cyberbullied. Read “Dream Characters That Appear Suddenly To Warn”. In yet another dream, a Christian professor appeared in white and saved me from being abused. Read “Dark Giant Answers: Muslims and Christians Are One Brotherhood”.

I think that White is an angelic colour since the dream characters are wearing white while saving someone or standing near someone who is dying. According to the “Dream Moods”, white colour indicates purity and awareness. In Christianiy, Judaism, and Islam, the color white is associated with pure things like innocence and angels. Read more about this in Wikipedia article “White“.

I find it peculiar how in Islam we are told that the best color for the clothing of the dead is the white colour. This is an odd statement because in Islam sleep is referred to as a state that is like death. Intriguing right!

I think these are the reasons why some of my dream characters including me are dressed in white.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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