Things I Like About My Best Friend

I have only one best friend who has been with me for more than 10 years. I met her amid a lot of drama, suspense, and challenges. When I met her, I faced fear, uncertainty, and lack of support. But I kept close to her! Only much later, I realized I met another lucid dreamer. Life is like a real movie! 

Here are things that I love about this lady:

  • She is not a racist
  • She is a very caring woman
  • She transformed into a better person after becoming a Muslim; but, I feel that she was always a great person
  • She knows how some religious folks are only pretending to be good
  • She has a rosy White complexion; and, she has brown hair that have a tint of red
  • She listens well to me
  • She actually spends time soothing me when I am down
  • She seeks advice from me when she needs help; and, she gives me advice when I need it
  • She is frank and open about everything
  • She writes letters to me. Here is a card she wrote for me.
  • She exchanges nice gifts with me
  • She hangs out with me
  • She is the type of lady I can wait for easily without worrying that she won’t show up
  • She does not mind my faults and accepts me for who I am
  • She knows about most of my crushes
  • She knows whom I like or dislike and why
  • She has a genuine laughter
  • She can cheer me up very easily even when I am in my worst moods
  • She can never disappoint me even if she is in very down or does not know anything
  • She can make me dream of things that I feel too discouraged to find
  • She connects with me remotely when I am far away and cannot drive over to her place
  • She likes wearing Indian bangles and saris despite being a White Canadian
  • She reads a lot
  • She likes poetry and writing
  • She is the only inspiration behind the poem “Oasis or Mirage” and one of the ladies who motivated me to write “True Friends
  • We are like TWINS because we are both lucid dreamers and our moods sometimes are the same

She is my best friend because I feel properly reflected and validated through her; I have learned lots of good things from her. We have been together for really long so we are going to fix a date to celebrate our “Friendship Anniversary” since we don’t quite remember when exactly we met.

Today, I posted two tweets about us.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Things I Like About My Best Friend

  1. My beautiful friend
    Precious soul
    I’m so glad you came into my life.
    The first time we met our energy connected
    We drank chai and had snacks
    told stories and laughed together
    It was so fun, a lovely memory I cherish
    deep in my heart and mind.
    I always remember you sweet smile
    After all these years through ups and downs
    We connect like the stars in the galaxy
    sometimes near and sometimes far
    our love is beautiful energy that will never die
    even though we are not physically together
    our hearts intertwine.
    I appreciate you
    I send you lots of love
    From deep within.
    May we meet again soon
    I miss  you.

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