I was riding an OC Transport bus, which is usually a very safe ride. The weather was pretty cold today. When I got into the bus, I bumped against a couple of people. I finally found a spot where I could stand. The bus started moving; and, I relaxed but now everyone was just standing and not moving and bumping into each other. Pretty soon, I realized that I had lost my glove. I asked the woman who was standing next to me if she had seen it. She said that she had not seen it. For some reason, I started feeling very odd inside my head. Later, I realized that it was not just fatigue! So I asked myself to focus and look for my glove. I thought that either it was near me, near the door of the bus, elsewhere in the bus, or at the bus station because I was sleepy when I was in these areas. So I started scanning the bus. It was tough to do this because the bus was fully loaded so much so that it is tough to breathe. I prayed and kept looking while suffering from sudden jolts as the bus jerked. All of a sudden, I saw my glove. It had fallen in an empty place between some structure that was part of this vehicle’s design and a seat that was in the middle of the bus. I could see only a part of my glove. I slowly inched towards the person who was sitting there and asked him to pick up my glove and give it to me. The real problem started after all this. After some more moments had passed, I realized that the bus was just getting warmer and warmer. I found myself dozing and did not understood why I was feeling so zoned out. Eventually, I found an empty seat for myself. This is when I got the shock of my life! The seat was very heated because the heater was turned on to the max. I started feeling that it was become harder to breathe; I already had a bad headache as well. Thus, I forced myself to get up and walked to a different seat. As soon as I sat there, I touched the metal surface of the bus. It was very heated as well. This is when I realized that perhaps the driver had forgotten to turn down the heat because the morning temperature was -23 degree Celsius but then the temperature slowly went up to -10 degree Celsius in the night; it is also possible that he turned it on just to heat the bus temporarily and then forgot to turn it down due to stress. Before I got off the bus, I told him that the seats at the back feel super-heated. This was a very freaky experience for me! I am glad that I did not just fainted due to stress caused by heat.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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