I was thinking about how I can predict some future events, which is a key characteristics of certain prophets. I must comment that I have read in Islam that believers have only 1 out of 24 visions that a prophet or prophetess possesses. I once heard from a Muslim woman that there must have been female prophets (prophetesses) but they are not mentioned in the Quran for some reason; however, the Quran dedicates an entire chapter, “Surah Maryam“, to Lady Mary who is mother of Prophet Jesus.

Today, I was thinking about how I, a woman, could see very clearly in the future. For example, I predicted the coming of Hurricane Dorian. Read blog post “I Predicted The Coming Of Hurricane Dorian”. I had time to think today; so I pondered for a bit and realized that there must have been some prophetesses mentioned in the Quran. This is when I found the article titled “Was Mary a Prophetess of Islam?“, which stated the difference between messenger and prophet and mentioned the fact that Mary received messages from an angel to clarify that Mary was indeed a prophetess. I am happy to know this! And, now I know for sure that there were other prophets and prophetesses too; but, the Quran does not mention all of them. Lastly, I still believe that Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was the last messenger.

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