My Very First Workshop “Lucid Dreaming And Oneness Process Modality”

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear” – Mark Twain

You must have heard of great achievements accomplished by religious, spiritual, or gifted individuals. For instance, Prophet Abraham’s wife Hagar ran between mountains to find water for her infant son; she kept running until Angel Gabriel appeared and drew special water called “ZumZum” from the Earth. And, Terry Fox ran across Canada with one leg—he lost his second leg due to cancer—to raise funds for and awareness of cancer research.

Astounding right!

Well! I have finished a small portion of a similar feat. For around 8 years, I struggled with my dreams and created some content for my website. In 2018, I ran through the long corridors of Algonquin College to finish my Event Management diploma while I was  very much infected and sick; read blog post “How Champions Are Different Than The Rest“.

Notice the stretches my mind are allowing me to complete. When I finished writing my poetry book, I told myself that it was still incomplete and that I need to work on it further; then I finished having lots of dreams and realized that things are still incomplete; then, I completed my Event Management diploma and realized that things will remain incomplete without connecting with those who are working in the Human Rights industry; somewhere during my quest, I realized that I could easily utilize my dreams to create other works like animations and poetry; and, then I managed to put some important dreams on my website while acknowledging the fact that there were tons and tons of recorded dreams that were screaming to be written down. Its been around 8 years since I have been fully striving to understand and write my lucid dreams. Phew! I feel more charged and motivated now.

Today is a great day for me because I have almost finished writing content for my very first workshop, which is made possible by speaker MT Martee Thomus T.

Please join our workshop “Lucid Dreaming and the Oneness Process Modality“, which will be presented at “Otherworldly Treasures” on Dec 15 from 3 till 5 pm. Early bird is extended to Fri. Dec. 6 $60; the cost at the door is $75. Email your registration through efunds transfer to

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