I wrote a joke earlier in blog post “About People Who Like Butterflies“.

This story is about people who like butterflies.

Once upon a time, a beautiful wide-winged butterfly came bouncing around and sat on a lover’s nose. Feeling surprised, he dared not move and dared not breathe for several seconds. Then the wise butterfly plucked one of the hair from his ugly nostrils and flew away. Soon it landed on a flower so that the hair fell on it. This is how some flowers have hair.

I thought about this today and realized that I can keeping adding the text by using the same line of thought. I believe this is how some interesting lines for fantasy or comedy works are written.

Here are two lines I thought of today:

Then the butterfly took hair from a rogue man’s moustache and from it came thorns of Cactus.

Then the butterfly took hair from an old sage’s long beard and from it came the Weeping Willow tree.

Sounds funny right!

Anyways, I took the text in quotes here and checked on I Write Like. It said I write like Stephen King. LOL!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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