Which Disney Princess Am I Like?

I found an interesting article that popped up while I was browsing the net! Read “What Disney Princess Are You, Based on Your Star Sign?” So I am like Pocahontas because my zodiac sign is Pisces. I play with Zodiac signs only when I am pretty bored and have nothing else to do! Sometimes, the information provided is accurate and other times it isn’t. Also, I know that Disney did not represent Pocahontas properly; so I feel compelled to state that this quiz result actually means that I am more like Indigenous folks. Hurray!

I like how the article states that Pisces have a deep connection with the world and people around them. This totally shows when I am fast asleep and experiencing different dimensions through lucid dreams. I can even use Earth’s elements like Water, Earth, and Wind to figure out things like if a storm is comingI predicted the arrival of Hurricane Dorianor if someone wants me near or away from them.

In one dream that I had regarding an online acquaintance whom I met some years ago, I utilized trees to figure out our connection. During the dream, I felt that this person was nearby. I decided not to talk and run away. The minute I thought this, the trees in the area started moving aggressively and some of the trees’ branches grabbed me, took me backwards, and threw me down. I felt this indicated that he would feel very injured if I just left without proper communication. The only reason why the trees reacted during my sleep is that he is actually very attached to the plants and naturehe has never indicated anything about how he would feel if I were to just leave. This dream is the reason why I am still connected to this person online; interestingly, he is also choosing to maintain contact with me.

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