I was at a local mall when I got attracted to LUNA Crepes. I bought a crepe from them and inquired effectively so that the owner gave me the recipe for crepes. I realized that it was easy to cook so I decided to experiment with cooking this. Today I had time so I cooked some crepes for myself. It’s simple: You just use all purpose flour and add a pinch of salt in it. Then mix. Also mix some eggs and milk in a separate bin. Then you add this on the flour and stir to keep the mixture smooth.

I ended up making six crepes for myself: three with chocolate and hazelnut spread; two with cooked tuna; and, one with simple vegetables. This was my first time experimenting with crepes. Also I did not have the Crepe Spreader to make this so I improvised. Check out the photo I just took of these yummy ones!


I learned cooking professionally when I was a teenager. My mom made sure that I was enrolled in Chinese Cooking and Baking classes that were offered privately by someone she knew. So I learned how to cook Chinese food; thus, I was able to cook soups, rice, gravy dishes, and snacks for my family members. This was just for fun because someone else usually cooks for us!

Baking was a bit tougher than Chinese Cooking. So I used to practise with one of my best friends. She and her mom helped me learn a bit about how to make cakes. The rest of the time, we had fun like watching movies.

I love cooking and baking because there is lots of room for experimenting with different foods and cooking styles. It feels awesome to feel the same type of flour differently; for example, I use the same flour for making Chappati (Roti) and Crepes but it tastes so unique with different ingredients. #nomnomnom.

Another reason I love cooking and baking is that when I make something incorrectly some of my loved ones still prefer eating these. One of my best moments is when the muffins I once made ended up being a bit stiff but my younger siblings just ate them without complaining. I still laugh so hard at this really old story!

You should learn how to cook and bake and keep experimenting with combining ingredients in various ways. You will sleep well after this activity because you have learned to depend on yourself to manage your needs.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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