I have stated it several times on my blog that I have been observing gross misuse of Canadian women including colored and White women. Here is a personal story that I wish to share:

I once got a job with a cellphone distributor, WowMobile; I was not afraid of standing and selling at a kiosk because I wanted to learn how to sell. I have really less experience in Sales; however, in a previous job I did manage to generate  over 4000 dollars in a day. I got this job when I showed this figure to the male manager who was interviewing me.

I was new to the cellphone industry so I learned slowly. I was given three month probationary. I spoke to a female supervisor about what is evaluated during the probationary period. And she stated that mostly they look at attendance and punctuality; but the rest is up to the Manager. So I made sure to be there an hour or 30 minutes earlier. I was learning slowly because I was learning about six cellphone carriers; multiple software; and different features of several cellphones. This job was not easy at all. On top of all this, we were standing inside a mall where stopping people is somewhat tricky. Anyways, I kept positive and kept learning. I got a pat on my back when I generated my first sale; one of the top sales rep said that I generated this sale too fast, which is a great indication. Every employee was given a weekly target. Sometimes my target was 7; other times it was 5; but on special promo days it was more than 10 sales. Within the first month, I was unable to achieve my weekly goals because I had to learn too many new things fast. My female supervisor showed me another senior sales rep’s performance and said that this rep also did not achieve her targets for some weeks; a sales rep told me that she made her first sale totally on her own during the third month. So I decided to think less about reaching assigned goals and more about learning how to generate sales with company’s unique set of instructions. Reality is that I was generating sales every now and then; but, I was just not hitting the target for some reason, which could, on some days, also be due to mall traffic.

Anyways my manager ended up firing me after around one month of training—this was a part-time job so I actually had less than a month of training. I felt he did something very selfish and fishy because 1) he denied me further training and fired me without due reason after giving me exposure to this complex industry for a couple of days; 2) After hiring me, he hired a male rep who already had 6 months of experience with this company. I felt that although he kept saying that he wanted me to generate more sales—while the female supervisor and a sales rep were telling me something different—he actually wanted me to leave because he wanted to keep this new male rep whom he hired after he recruited me. This makes sense too because at that kiosk there are only two females and the rest are males.

Once all this happened, my mind TIC TOCed back to a comment issued by a senior female Sales and Marketing expert who works in a different company and city. She clearly stated that the men in this industry are playing very unfairly against the women. Another thing that I remembered pretty well at this time was how a couple of my relatives are discouraging me from performing or writing poetry. Obviously, I felt distraught at this comment as well and my performance must have dipped on its own because the comments are coming from someone who is supposed to cherish their young ones in order to help them develop further. This is how I know why men are outnumbering women even in those fields where women can easily performthe women are leaving because they know that certain men are not going to be able to provide appropriate guidance that will  help them develop themselves.

So the benefit of doubt is also not given to females as they train themselves to become job ready. Sometimes they hide this reality by saying it was up to the Manager to decide this and other times they hide things by contorting information and forming lies.

Anyways, I ended up looking for any relevant reviews about WowMobile online and found lots of negative comments about Management and how their sales structure (target) works.  

Living in Canada has proven to be very challenging! Canada’s domestic abuse and workplace abuse rate are both going up. Also, brain injuries that are being created due to domestic abuse are considered a health crisis in Canada; I know that workplace abuse can also create brain injuries. The article about brain injury reminds me how I could not perform so well near some bad narcissistic employers but my performance ended up improving dramatically in healthy environmentsthis is because narcissists can inflict certain kinds of brain injuries including seizures.

Now here is more creepy real news:

  • Ever since I have arrived in Ottawa, I have been abused multiple times by employers. I am getting them caught wherever I can. I once had an employer who took money from my wage subsidy, which comes from my taxes, and decided to train me for one month. However, he left me without guidancehe left someone else in charge but that person was also very busyfor several days as he flew over to another country. Then, he told me that I have not finished what was required and that I was asking him to babysit me by asking so many questions. I did not understand what he said because he was supposed to train me and my leftover questions were only about the provided projects. Anyways, I complained to the HR expert who helped sign the wage subsidy contract; she was very puzzled when she learned about the employer’s comment and then learned about the scope of my approach and projects. I made sure to block this guy from my contact list. I have previously noted in my blog that a lot of my time is being wasted because I feel forced to block some abusive employers. It takes so long to make this list!
  • Ever since I came to Ottawa, I have been getting lucid (clear) dreams about rapists. I researched later to find out that the rate of rape is increasing in Ottawa. Read my blog post Many Rapists Are Hiding In Ottawa.
  • Women’s shelters are overflowing in Ottawa. Read “Women fleeing violence forced to seek refuge outside Ottawa“.

All of this tells you exactly what about Ottawa? I think Ottawa is one of the most dangerous cities of Canada. And, Ottawa is the capital of Canada! So if the capital city has such harsh stats, then what about the rest?

I strongly recommend to Canadian women that they should attempt gaining experience abroad in a safer country. I am going to attempt this as well. I pray to God that I end up leaving Canada and end up settling in a safer country.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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