I am very excited today! When I started dreaming as a child, I never realized that this ability would eventually lead me to a real breakthrough and that I would be able to set an example for the society that they will never forget.

Today, I am finalizing my content for my first workshop; and, I have already shared this content with another new female speaker. I am happy that the workshops that I will design will not only protect me but also this new female speaker. I can’t believe I have done this! This is a great example for other people who belong to the Canadian society where women’s needs are being neglected in a methodical manner⁠—neglect is a type of abuse that is offered to the women.

This is an example of the Amplification Effect, which was used by women to fight gender bias in the White House. I strongly suggest to the women that they help each other out if they wish to escape the dark future Canada offers them.


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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