I can exhibit ESP during the day sometimes. Yesterday I was shopping when I came across some packed almonds. They were not that expensive; but I started wondering if they would smell okay when I open them. I hesitated a bit because I did not want to buy something I could not enjoy. Then I overcame my fear by telling that I will clean them in water and boil them before eating. At this point, I just relaxed; and, then something stunning happened. I could taste fresh almonds in my mouth. They tasted great so I picked up this bag. When I got home, I opened them and was shocked after tasting the first almond. It tasted exactly like I imagined! Oh! I experience some fear before performing a creative task like precognition because fear and creativity are linked. I wrote about this earlier in my blog post “Releasing Myself“.

apple beside white ceramic mug of tea and plate of almonds and nuts on brown wooden table
Photo by Олеся on Pexels.com

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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