I have a strong connection with the spirit of Carl Jung. I can smell him and his thoughts the second I open his book “The Red Book”; I have only been able to read just a couple of pages of “The Red Book”; and, I can feel my mind scattering owing to his creativity. What happens to me is pure mathematics! When I connect with Carl Jung, I always have very exciting or freaky dreams. But, these scary dreams are a form of protection, Carl Jung’s is offering me as a guardian spirit. For example, remember how I wrote on my blog that ever since I moved to Ottawa, I have received some dreams about rapes. Carl Jung was the first spirit who appeared to tell me about rape! I saw a large white man trying to forcibly sleep with me. I got frustrated and woke up. Because he used force, I took this as a signal and slowly allowed the signal to start opening in different ways until I became more aware of what really was going on. My next dream did not involve me but some young girl who went shopping. Read “Many Rapists Are Hiding In Ottawa“. I believe these dreams were a signal from him because most of the times I receive very pleasant dreams when I think about him. I believe his spirit is somehow guarding me.

What interests me more about all this is the fact that Carl Jung is an INFJ and I am an ENFP. INFJs are ENFPs’ ideal match! The connection between Carl and I is very strong because our personalities are designed for this intertwining. This is true for all the heroes/heroines listed in my blog post “Dance of Heroes“ since it is easier to bring those dream characters to you that are somehow connected to you.

To answer why I feel so unsettled when I read about Carl Jung, I reviewed article, “Jung’s Personality Type: INTP, INFJ, INTJ, or INFP?” This article clearly stated that Carl Jung thought that spirituality and religion would improve one’s health; symbols and archetypes are central to human spirituality; and, Arts, Religion, and Humanities were all important subjects and its not just Sciences that should dominate one’s world. According to Carl Jung’s book, “The Red Book”, Carl was busy studying the myth-creating functions of mind and fantasies. This sounds so funny because it feels like looking at my reflection. Read my blog carefully! I state everything that is already well-known about this legend:

  • I believe that spirituality and religion improve one’s health, which is why I prefer to  pray when dealing with ruthless enemies. The thing about praying is that it does not necessarily have to hurt one’s enemies because it might end up healing them instead while you are learning to be less reactive to traumatic events.
  • Something deep inside me has always reacted to symbols and archetypes, which is what Carl thinks is central to human spirituality. You can tell this is true about me because lucid dreamers are usually playing with symbols and archetypes.
  • Carl asserted that Arts, Religion, and Humanities were all important subjects and its not just the Sciences that should dominate one’s world. This makes a lot of sense to me. When I was studying at the University of Toronto, I started out by studying Sciences. However, I started feeling very queer and bad about studying only this particular subject. So I added Humanities (Linguistics, English, and Philosophy) and Mathematics courses to my schedule. As I matured further, I started using poetry (Arts) to convey myself.
  • Carl studying the myth-creating functions of mind and fantasies.  I have always been attracted to fantasies, myths, and fairy tales. Read blog post “My Mental Archetype: An Orchestra Of Fairy Tales And Wisdom“. I am reading some of Jung’s dreams and I feel it I should easy to construct fairy tales by dreaming like he does. This is why I am currently investigating “The Red Book” in detail. Watch video Video replay: Introduction to Jung and Fairy Tales to understand further.

And, Drrrummmmmm Rrrrolllll……

Best surprise is that both Carl Jung and I use lucid dreams to finish our works! Aaaaawesommmmmmme!

So can you see why Carl Jung and I are inherently connected. Although he was not that great when it came to having genuine relationships and he did get attached to some of his female patients, I still feel that there is a part of his psyche that is rich with interesting ideas and should be explored slowly. Here are some dreams where I connected with Carl Jung’s spirit.

Did I Meet Carl Jung?

Nature Of My Telepathic Connection With Carl Jung

Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons and The Airport

Shadow Figures of Some Lucid Dreamers or Creatives

Telepathic Experiences Are Enhanced With The Help of Like-Minded People

Its clear to me that INFJs are a great match for me because they believe in protecting those who need help and my entire life’s quest has been to help others achieve their dreams.

ENFPs are sometimes referred to as Champion personalities because of their enthusiasm for helping others realize their dreams. Source: “ENFP: The Champion

I called Carl Jung the main guy for my fantasy novel, “Land of Arwah” because he gives me both scary and pleasant dreams, which is why it feels like that I exist in a different dimension altogether whenever I am reading his works or thinking about him.

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