Inner Voice That Repeats Itself

I sometimes hear an inner voice that sometimes imposes itself on my will by repeating itself. One of these voices got triggered when I went through an ordeal a couple of years ago. In a very unsettling manner, the voice said, “I will write in my Black Book”. First I thought it was a joke because at that time I did not possess a Black Book/Diary. But the voice kept repeating itself in a displaced manner, meaning in a context where it does not belong. Years afterwards, I had time to open and read Carl Jung’s Red Book.  When I went to page 199 of Liber Novus, I found out that Carl Jung also wrote in “Black Book 2”. I googled this; and, so I found out that he actually wrote seven Black Books in which he documented his imaginative and visionary experiences that he experienced while interacting with his unconscious.

Intriguing how my inner voice guides me. I wonder if I should read Carl’s Black Books after finishing “The Red Book”!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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