Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years

This post was originally posted in my original blog “Writer’s Dojo” on August 14, 2015; perhaps the recording, which I have to still find, was made before this date. Today, I read a piece of news that reminded me of this particular blog post. I edited my post once to change the Note; but, the older Note reads as follows:

The paragraph about the fights with vampires was not fully seen during the dream; instead I just saw people, buildings, burned buildings, armed civilians, some sort of fight and struggle between people, and some killings. My best friend did appear at the end of the dream and then something burned us in a box while we were holding each other. Also, the Black figure and the Black woman were present at the beginning of the dream. I have edited certain parts of the dream to make it sound very supernatural. I have created a fake ending (last paragraph) that never existed in the dream to give the story a spin. The rapid switching of scenes actually happened during the dream so much so that I got a bit confused when I tried analyzing the dream while awake. It is fun to observe that it is possible to create something really abstract by combining your thoughts with some elements from a lucid dream. Lastly, my experiences have taught me that lucid dream is a really vast psychic realm and perhaps it is another dimension of some sort that is used to influence this dimension or perhaps some other dimensionsI mean why else are lucid dreamers able to exert control in the Dreamland and what exactly is the Dreamland? And, if the universe is some sort of illusion an ecosystem, then what is its purpose; how exactly does it function; and, where do the lucid dreamers tie into this system?

The date of publication of “The Black Figure” was Aug 14, 2015; See the date just above the blog title. This sheet shows the older note.
The date of publication of “The Black Figure” was Aug 14, 2015. This sheet shows the older note.

My Original Post: The Black Figure

Original Post Date: Aug 14, 2015

Note: This short story is based on one of my lucid dream. I have added a fake ending to give the story a spin.

She was fast asleep when a black shadowy figure appeared next to her bed. It looked at her quietly as she slowly started becoming lucid. In her lucid state, she could see this entity really clearly. She could also see through walls and that is when she noticed a Black woman moving towards the kitchen of a neighboring house. The black shadow focused its round eyeless head on her to prevent her from getting distracted by the woman. She noticed that it was emitting some sort of malevolent radiance from its forehead, and she felt that it wanted her to follow it. She turned her attention to the Black woman and heard her comment that the plague started a while back but she does not know where they came from. “What sort of plague is she talking about?” She thought as she gently stepped out of her body and followed the black figure.

The scene changed. She was no longer in her room but outside an enormous building. The voice beckoned her to be careful of any vampires who might draw blood and energy out of her body. “Yes, doing so will be unnecessary. But, what if they succeeded?” she questioned the dark entity. The scene changed again and the girl saw herself battling with vampires who arrived in large numbers. They screamed, “We have found humans. Let us taste them.” And then the battle took place where humans became animals and tried ripping all the vampires to pieces. The girl lost her sense of identity and participated in the war silently. The battle fiercely boomed through the entire city as if destiny itself was jesting the humans. Some sprightly humans were clever enough to hide on the roofs, but the vampires used their keen senses to locate them. Then, they flew unhindered to their unguarded refuge and burned down the entire roof and its frightened residents. But, the humans did not want to lose to the vampires so the most athletic ones armed themselves by using guns, batons, and bats. To their dismay, the vampires quickly nullified their weapons by using psychic abilities or physical force. The humans were enraged and awe-struck so they finally decided to create small gangs, which strategically maneuvered towards the vampires. The humans had now successfully circled all the vampires, but the vampires effortlessly pushed their way through and chased them into buildings. Rage and bloodlust sedated every pore of the immortal bodies of vampires as human blood dripped out of their mouths. The humans who had now been lured inside buildings were unaware of the fact that more vampires were flying towards the buildings from all directions and quickly multiplying in numbers. Some of them lit the buildings on fire and others ran inside and tore several humans limb to limb. “Their blood makes us blind. Blind, blind!” vampires uttered this slogan excitedly as they forced the humans to forfeit. The battlefield was burned to ashes and reduced to a wreck, and the humans were now uttering painful moans that could not be heard but felt.

“Well, the vampires have won,” she hummed to herself and beckoned the entity. To her surprise, the scene changed again and now she was running inside a corridor. She was thinking about how she is going to protect her best friend. But, she kept circling the building as if blindfolded because the entire place was like a labyrinth. Pretty soon, she became confused because she could not find an exit. All of a sudden, one of the corridors wounded in such a way that her best friend ended up appearing right in front of her. “Let’s run away before the spell is completed,” he communicated to her without speaking because he knew she understood that look in his eyes. She held his hand and tried to flee, but it was too late for this. The vampires casted the final spell, and now both of them were captured inside a cardboard box that was balanced on top of a pile of boxes. The vampires wanted a bonfire so they lit the boxes. Pretty soon the fire was licking their box as they clung to each other for protection.

“Well! That was so refreshingly odd,” she smiled when she finally woke up. “I feel more rested than before,” she acknowledged the apparent reality of this dream. Just two days later, her abusive boyfriend broke up with her after losing his temper and smashing his baseball bat on her neck. And, now she was finally free of him. “Did the entity do this for me?” she wondered as she shook hands with a rather muscular and attractive man she had just met at a dating event.

Check out the images of the original post to see the date.

The original post “The Black Figure” was posted on August 14, 2015. See the date on top of the blog title. I deleted the original “Note” while publishing this because I didn’t want people to know that I had such a weird dream. I was still learning lucid dreaming back then. But the original “Note” was present in the print-out that I made before editing this post. 



I added a fake ending because I thought it fitted in somehow; the real ending was that someone started a bonfire so they burned two people in there.

I deleted this post without thinking too much about it because I thought I was just playing creative in my sleep and it was nothing else. However, I was correct! This is a dream where both symbols and literal realities are being used to convey a message. The cool thing is that I used elements from writing like paranormal creatures to re-write this dream; the line of logic and concepts were actually seen during the dream. Right now, I don’t recall who actually won the war but I do remember seeing a lot of destruction and armed civilians.

Below is the interpretation.

  1. Trump won against Clinton in Nov 2016; I had this dream in 2015. In Jan 2017, Trump started his presidency. Trump and his supporters have expressed extreme anger towards minorities like Latinos and Muslims as well as other countries like Mexico; he also uses dehumanizing language towards whoever he desires, which is how vampires suck blood out of whoever they desire. Funny how I woke up and altered my dream to use vampires as symbols! If you were to read Trump’s line of logic and words carefully, you will notice that he makes those he dislikes seem less than humans and sadistic. This is because he is a very dangerous narcissist. Oh! Michael Gerson, a Columnist for Washington Post, wrote the article “Trump is a political vampire” in 2018. Also in Feb 2020, Trump posted videos of himself posing as “Baahubali” just before visiting India where the Modi government is butchering Muslims. You can clearly see Trump’s inner vampire in these videos. Check out Watch: US President Donald Trump tweets video of himself as ‘Baahubali’. His tweet includes the phrase “USA and India United”, which hints to their taste in killing and abusing Muslims.
  2. Also, in my edited version of the lucid dream, I describe a battle that took place between humans and vampiresin reality, I just saw people fighting. This has been going on for a long while! Trump and his supporters are up against a whole lot of Americans as well as foreigners. According to this dream, both sides mean to get rid of each other. Hate crimes are rising owing to the mentality preached by Trump. See “Trump Hate Map” This is not it! Warnings of civil war, which are being issued by Trump and his supporters, are now (in 2019) flooding the social media. Read articles “Trump supporters warn of ‘civil war’ if impeachment progresses” and “Why Trump, Facing Impeachment, Warns of Civil War“. Either I saw a civil war that existed in the mental landscape (minds and hearts) of certain people (meaning this part of the dream was symbolic) or I saw an actual civil war that took place in the physical realm (meaning this part of the dream was literal). In the video shared in article “Trump supporters warn of ‘civil war’ if impeachment progresses“, after around 2 minutes, we see a man who is sitting in a vehicle addressing the US correspondent Rebecca Wright. He said that in case impeachment of Trump does not stop, millions of people will have to arm themselves, raid buildings, get “behind these people in congress”, and “run them out the door”. This clearly reminds me of this lucid dream!
  3. The burning of humans symbolize the hate crimes that are taking place owing to Trump’s leadership. Read “Trump words linked to more hate crime? Some experts think so“.
  4. I wonder what does the plague refer to! That Black woman who appeared in my dream actually said this.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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