Do Not Text Me Around 1 A.M. In The Night Given That We Are Working In Professional Setting And I Am Not Your Close Friend

Tonight, a White male businessman who belongs to the events industry texted me a lame hello when I logged into my Facebook. I was up late because I was taking a small break from work and because I could not sleep well since I rested in the evening. I frankly told him that I am not his close friend so I do not expect him to text me outside regular business hours. Anyways, nobody bugs me that late in the night; and, I find it very bizarre that he did this given that I have met him only once while networking.

Abuse of female professionals is very common in Canada. I have been abused a couple of times; and, I feel that my human rights are being gravely violated due to this but some people are not willing to acknowledge this. Ah, I complain whenever I can and to whoever I can!

Once a friend told me that usually people who bug someone do this when they find someone alone because it is easy for such incidences to be changed into a “He Said, She Said Story”. But the reality is that some of these men are very abusive and misleading in nature, which is why rate of workplace abuse is on the rise in Canada. Once two male professionals booked a job interview with me and did not show up at all. I emailed them reminding them that they need to reconnect with me but they did not reply back. As a result, I deleted them from my LinkedIn account. Another senior professional told me that my face looks like I want to have babies. I told him to stop and continued newtorking with other people while fully ignoring him. Read “Forced Marriages And Rape Are Common In Canada“. In another networking event, a male professionl had to intervene because he felt that a drunk male professional was reacting a bit strongly towards me.

All these men were extremely lousy; even some female Canadian professionals are just big bullies; and, there are more of such assholes! I think that without strong intervention, such incidences are going to continue; and, I am actually feeling very sick of all of this. I posted briefly on Twitter tonight at 1 am; but, I am an Empath so just noting things on Twitter does not make any sense given how serious this situation really is. Like the rest of such men, I have blocked him from my professional social media accounts; and, I have also made a note of where he works so that I may not apply there. Actually, I have a very long list of Canadian professionals who have mistreated or harassed me in the workplace and whom I wish to avoid at all costs! I feel Canadians need to act more harshly towards such abusive people in order to make sure that this trend does not continue; I also feel that they need to get rid of the Glass Ceiling Effect since it is hurting the vulnerable parties. Watch video “Workplace Bullying: The Silent Epidemic“. Watch till the very end; and, you will notice that the female victim is left stranded without a job because  employers are noticing her name and know that she complained about being abused. What does this tell you about some Canadian employers?

I have finished writing this post; and, I feel less burdened. That is how I can think clearly now! Thus, I must end this post by saying thanks to all the men and women who tried keeping me safe during my stay in Canada. I feel I will sleep very peacefully now!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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