Several years ago, I fell in love with super straight hair. My hair are very fine so I did not want to use a rod to straighten them. Furthermore, I did not had detailed knowledge of hair products; and, the most I knew was about Nioxin products because an older lady told me about them. At some point, I prayed to God that I wanted straight hair.

After a couple of years had passed, I ended up being late inside a mall and decided to just visit a salon to relax and see if I liked something. They had placed a lot of their amazing products in a small basket and put them on sale to attract customers. I asked them about their services and made a note about this salon. I like small things like baskets and books; so I decided to check out the products before leaving the shop. After going over a couple of products, I decided to buy “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong”. I did not knew what I had just bought so I decided to use it slowly. Every now and then I would apply it to my hair. When I realized that my hair actually liked this product, I started using it more regularly. After some months of treatment, something great happened to my hair.

Just a couple of days ago, my sister came to meet me. And she said, “Wow! Your hair are so straight now. What did you do to them?” I smiled and showed her what I was using.

Okay! So prayers really work. I have written before about how some of my prayers just get accepted. Read Silver Bullet: My Prayers Are In Multiple Dimensions.  This product has done wonders to my hair. I strongly recommend this cream to everyone.

I am sharing some of my pics here to show how my hair looked before and after applying “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong”. The last three pics were taken tonight after midnight. I had washed my hair just a while ago; and I have not used a straightening rod at all. Its God’s will! My hair are always going to look awesome now!

Before using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong”
Before using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong” regularly
After using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong” regularly. Puzzling over how some of my prayers just work!
After using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong” regularly
After using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong” regularly. See the shock on my face!

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