I Wonder What My Babies Are Going To Be Like!

I wonder what my babies are going to be like! I think about this whenever I touch my tummy. I am not married yet; but, I strongly feel that I will have a husband and kids. I can sometimes almost hear them! I have always felt them around me! I am writing this note here for my kids to see. I learned this strategy from another mom who wrote a diary for her baby. When my babies will grow old enough, I will show them this note.

I wonder if my babies will travel through time like their mother. I would teach them how to do this. They will have my genes so this task should be easy for them!

I wonder if they will be lucid dreamers and telepathic like me. I hope and pray that these abilities are passed to all of them.

I wonder if they would do something interesting that historians would like to jot down.

I wonder if they will dance and sing like I do

I wonder what kind of friends they would make; and, I know they will run away from bad people because I will teach them how to do this properly.

I wonder what they will study

I wonder which country they would choose to live in

I wonder if they would become travelers like some of my elders

I wonder if they would get attracted to Human Rights and Arts like I did

I wonder which religion they will choose

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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