Using Drawings/Sketches To Induce Lucid Dreams

Yesterday, I created two drawings of two of my favorite speakers. These were not well-done at all; but, perhaps this does not matter at all. When I fell asleep, I had two very lovely, detailed, and exciting lucid dreams. Drawings/sketches helps you remember other details like where this person was sitting; who he/she was sitting with; what he/she likes; what he/she wears; and, how he/she talks. The dreams that were triggered included the speaker only in one instance and not the second one. The first one showed one of the speakers; one of his family members whom I have never met before; a building that served as a home, office, and a school of some sort; and people these dream characters were visiting. The second dream showed some very mesmerizing castle-like buildings that belonged to America and were somehow created by thinking about the second speaker. This speaker works in California. I googled and found out that there are two castles in California namely Hearst Castle and Castello di Amorosa. But the buildings I saw seemed both modern and ancient. What if I created hybrids of some sort! Read article “The 12 Most Beautiful Castles In The United States“.  

I believe that my ENFP personality types can activate these dreams simply because precious memories of loved ones keep me warm and safe. However, there is something more exceptional about these dreams! Think about how telepathic individuals can use drawings to convey meanings and concepts; and, you will realize many dimensions of drawings. I do not think of drawings/sketches as 2D representations anymore since this 2D representation is bound by time; but, as soon as the self frees itself from time, which happens during sleep, these images can become alive in numerous ways.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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