Game Of Roses

On July 24, 2019 I wrote that I dreamt of a rose that I somehow associated with a particular speaker. Read “I Saw A Red Rose In My Dream“. In Jan 2020, some of my family members came to visit me. One of my male relatives had bought roses for his wife who decided to give these to me because I told her that I love roses. So I did receive roses like I predicted!

There are four interpretations that can be easily noted here:

  1. The thought of the speaker is a displaced thought. Just like people sometimes displace during dreams so do thoughts. This means that you can see an object where it is not; but, later that object would appear in a different place than the one you envisioned.
  2. Second meaning is based on my personality type. I am ENFP, which means that I can receive dreams that have multiple meanings since I sometimes think like this during the day as well. What if the thought of that speaker just entered my dream because it is actually a psychic signal from the future. Read “Dream With Multiple Meanings“.
  3. Third meaning is that I have learned to associate with the natural elements that are surrounding this person. Read “Which Disney Princess Am I Like“.
  4. Fourth meaning is that I will have a very pure friendship with the speaker whose thoughts were still in mind while I had this dream. Read “Roses Dream Interpretation”.

Here is a picture of the roses my relative gave to me. They are withered now! I was about to remove all the petals and roses and put them in a bowl as decoration when I realized that I wanted to write this post and preserve the image of these roses.


I kept the dry and the fresh petals in two separate bowls; I placed two whole roses in each bowl. I loved how these felt in my hands!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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