When Telepathy Does Not Work

Telepaths are extremely sensitive people, which is because Telepathy requires reactivity in order to function. I know from experience that even while lucid dreaming I have to use methods that are not harsh at all, such as easier sleep postures and nicer meditations. If I do not do things my way, my brain just shuts off so I appear like a DUMBO!

Below is a personal experience. None of this is fabricated! Things happened exactly like I am describing.

I have a male relative who is somewhat stubborn and very intelligent. So once I took him with me while I was shopping for a new laptop. He went over tons of laptops and told me relevant technical data. A Customer Services Rep kept tailing us so every now and then so we also shot some questions his way. My relative finally decided about a laptop and suggested to me that this one was a great choice. I looked at the laptop and something inside my head just clicked; I said, “I do not like it; is there a better option?” So we spent more time looking for devices and he suggested again that this was the best option given what I was looking for and the available budget. So I just shut off my head and stopped thinking about why it was clicking this way. He also said that it was up to me what to choose! But given how tired he was and his other suggestion, I started thinking about if he was now too tired of this hard work; therefore, I felt obliged to purchase that particular laptop.

Anyways, I did not use this new laptop for many months. Eventually, I decided to use it. Just some days after I started working on this laptop, the “Blue Screen of Death” just turned on. I remember I had prayed at the time this laptop was purchased! So I trusted my prayer and started looking for a solution. I talked to the Sales Rep at the shop; and he suggested that I should return this one and buy a new one. But, I could not do this quickly for some reason! I slowly looked for the receipt and found out that I would not be able to exchange this laptop because it was too late to do this. So I started using my technical side. Pretty soon, I managed to fix the issue—I did this entirely on my own.

This is how I learned that I actually shut down my telepathic instincts when someone does not listen to me. Even if this happens briefly, I still shut down. This happens because Telepathy depends on “Trust” a lot! “Trust” shows in many ways and it really depends on all the angels available. For instance, when I was just a teenager, I told a senior relative of mine that he should not make a specific business decision. He did not listen to me and ventured to complete that business venture. He still regrets doing this! How did I do this when I had no training of business at all? Also, if the situation is really urgent, then I am bound to find one way or another to relieve the issue at hand. But, if you ever see me tussling with something in real life, then know that I know something that you do not.

Nevertheless, the trial described above proved to be a great experience for me because I also learned how to cue someone to get proper answers about laptops or computers. But, I did this just for fun! Next time, I will walk in the shop and just pick a laptop by using my instincts, which I will do after listening to what the Rep says. Yes! You can still use your instincts well even after being educated about things.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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