Acting In Moderation

In Islam, moderation is a very broad concept. It takes time and patience to learn this skill. I believe that usually Muslims who are keen about both secular and religious aspects tend to be moderate in nature. According to the article, “How the Prophet Muhammad Rose above Enmity and Insult“, Michael Hart who wrote “The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History” states that Mohammad was successful on both the religious and secular levels. This tells me that Mohammad practised moderation!

I will give you a relevant example from my life. I once came across this student who was funny, hard-working, and demanding. I loved working with him; but, I also disagreed with him. So when he left studies for work, I felt bad about our past misunderstandings. I wanted to bid him farewell in a healthy way. So I gave him two valuable gifts to take with him. He cheered up considerably after this!

When people apply Islamic rulings in a wrong manner, they become extreme and end up harming innocents instead. One such example is how the Saudis are demanding halal organs and China is slaughtering Uyghur Muslims to get these. Reality is that there is no such halal or haram thing when it comes to organ donations because finding suitable organs could be a matter of life or death and sometimes suitable organ that is being donated by a Muslim might not be a good option for the Muslim patient. Read Medline Plus’s article “Transplant Rejection“. Another example is Muslims who keep stressing that only God can see the future and thus lucid dreamers are lying bout seeing the future. This is a very extreme and dangerous statement because they are invalidating the rest of the Islamic teachings, current Scientific research, and the testimonies of the dreamers. When I looked into how Islam views lucid dreaming, I found out that it is halal; there is a saying of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) that states that the pen is lifted from someone who is asleep. Furthermore, I found out that humans can see the future because I read somewhere that believers will have 1 out of 24 visions of a Prophet. I do not know fully what the word “believers” is referring to; but, I am using this and the previous saying about dreams as testimony that it’s possible for anyone else to see the future to some extent with the help of lucid dreams. My last example of extremism relates to how some teachers including some North American teachers pick on amazing students due to small things like grammatical errors. I once failed to correct my typos due to lack of time and submitted my work. A teacher made sure to punish me rather gravely by filing a report, some of which was based on fake ideas, with her higher authorities—some students rebelled against her due to all of this and because this abuse tied into how they were being mistreated as well. Therefore, I permanently left the guidance of this teacher! Later, I came across a blog written by a well-known American professor. I found some errors in his posts as well, which forced me to think further. So I researched online and found out that human brain is allowing for this particular mistake. Read article, “Why Your Brain Lets You Make Grammar Mistakes (Even If You Know Better)”. 

Thus, it is clear to me that moderation is the key to practising both secular and religious ideas. This clearly shows when we review noteworthy champions like Mohammad (peace be upon him). I think that real Champions are like children to some extent—just like lucid dreamers, their minds are younger—regardless of how grown-up they really are. So it is best to behave in moderation around them in order to make their lives and yours easier.

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