Vision of Citizens Who Were Wearing Shalwar Qameez Being Abused By Cops

I had a horrible vision today. I do not know if this is just a playback of my memory or if some sort of incidence is supposed to take place. I saw men—including younger menbeing taken away by cops/army men from their homes or workplaces. I do not fully know where this took place; but, I did see a parking place. Men were wearing the traditional Pakistani clothes, Shalwar Qameez. Lots of them were being picked up! Some women were taken too. I feel they were innocent because they did not knew why they were being taken away; and, some of them were very keen about confronting whoever was kidnapping them. The kidnappers were dressed in clothes worn by officials, perhaps they were cops or army personnel. I think I saw a large tank or a van that was there to block movement. Captives talked to each other openly in their language since they had somehow become used to this entire routine. They were not afraid though! I could not tell which country this was happening in! Perhaps, this is because I am more into observing human behavior or maybe its due to the fact that abuse of honest folks is becoming a norm nowadays. This is all I recall of this particular dream. I woke up soon afterwards and started my day.

I started dissecting this dream after writing the above paragraph. One thing that kept popping up was the lack of fear exhibited by the captives. I am a very creative person; I clearly see that fear is linked to creativity.  Fear haunts me when I write or engage in a psychic phenomenon. Fear is there because it creates the rest of the things! Fear is an indication of what one does not know, which is why fear can give rise to other emotions like hatred when left unguarded. For example, read about the second woman from one of my dreams that I had in April 2019. Read blog post, “Young Female Spirits Have Been Haunting Me“. I actually met this woman in December 2019. She is much older than the female spirit who appeared in my dream; but, interestingly her attitude is very young. And, she asked me to complete a task for herI did what she requested because such acts are considered charity in Islam. I have been struggling a lot to help her out; and, my friends and acquaintances whom I approached for assistance know this. My fear shows in this dream too. In this dream snippet, I am resting in my bed, which symbolizes my fear of being fatigued.

My analysis of this new dream of mine is that the captives are actually very strong people. I understood this well when these dream characters (captives) did not become afraid despite being misused so grossly. Like the rest of the emotions and behaviour, courage, and intelligence come after fear. This is why I strongly feel it is the captors who are under trouble!

Currently, India is after the Kashmiris who also wear something similar to the Pakistani Shalwar Qameezits called Pheran. India has also passed a Citizenship Amendment Bill, which is known as anti-Muslim law. I can’t be sure where exactly the dream I saw took place, which is why I need to bring up this next concept. Usually, genocide does not just take place; it is created slowly over time. What is happening in places where Muslims are being abused and prosecutedlike India, China, and Palestine—is actually the start of a much larger holocaust. Thus, this dream could be an older memory or a vision of something extreme that is supposed to happen in the future.

Added: Feb 13, 2020

This post was published on Jan 22, 2020. Today, I found another article that was published on Feb 07, 2020. Read “CAA: Protestors Forced Into Hiding, As UP Police Puts Bounty On Their Heads”. It discusses how peaceful protestors who were protesting India’s anti-Muslim law and condemning the CAA were taken by the police and had a bounty put on their heads even after some of them escaped from the protest site. This article specifically states that most of the people who were arrested and tortured are Muslim; lastly, it offers a significant finding that even children are being taken from their homes. So it is strongly possible that this incidence was what my vision was offering me.

Message to Human Rights Activists

Lucid dreams are considered training groundsI can even learn martial arts through dreams. Perhaps, my soul is helping me train so that I may relate well to others’ suffering. Another explanation is that the dreams are foretelling something big! Women play a critical role in creating peace. Since I am a Muslim woman, it makes sense that my psyche is allowing me to have such dreams. I had a couple of other dreams where I played the role or attempted to play the role of a peacemaker. Read “Lucid Dreams suggest that women should be leaders in peacebuilding“. The dreams are actually suggesting that there is a strong need for the women to be involved in preventing such massacres. Lastly, these dreams are taking place because I am preoccupied with learning about Human Rights related issues. Lucid dreaming allows me to scan any given area and visualize the futureI believe limitation in scanning is due to limitations in what I am actually interested in. I strongly recommend that other Human Rights activists also learn how to utilize lucid dreaming—it pays to get hints about what is about to happen.

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