How ESP Works In A Hidden Manner

My experience tells me that ESP including Telepathy includes very deep, broad, and alive forces. It shuts down on its own and it opens up on its own. Sometimes, it focuses on me or others and the rest of the times it focuses on the energies around us. Its fun to see myself tuning in and tuning out every now and then!

Yesterday, something mysterious happened to me. I have been thinking of buying a new purse for myself for some while. For some reason, I chose to shop for it yesterday night. When I got to the shop, most of the purses had already been purchased. I wanted one with a long strap because its easier to carry it by letting it swing on the side. I looked around and eventually found a really fancy leather purse that had brown, black, and white colors. Its strap was the loveliest thing ever! The strap had a checkered design on white leather, which was near where it was attached to the purse; but the rest of the strap was dark black. And, it had the right size, perfectly fit for my belongings. Lastly, it was on discount. I bought this one right away. Today, I am thinking back to all this and feeling a bit unsettled. The shelves were almost empty yesterday; but, this really hot purse was just sitting there waiting for me.

Similar unusual incidences are usual around me. Read “Queer Incidences that Appear Like Coincidences“. I feel very happy and blessed about this ability!

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