I am crazy about Mahjong! I have installed this game on my iPad Air; and, I play it often without music. I started playing this game when my sister told me about it. I played my first set of Mahjong games on the net. I was very much taken by it because this game required thinking, analysis, and patience.  When one of my siblings gifted me an iPad Air, Mahjong was the only game I installed on it.

When I played Mahjong online, I learned all the patterns very quickly; and, thus I was able to completely clear the games frequently. When I started playing this new Mahjong, I found it tougher to win. Nevertheless, I kept experimenting with different layouts. Pretty soon, I was able to clear some games; sometimes, I had to use “Shuffle” and “Hints”; other times I could win without both of the aforementioned features; but, these victories were less frequent than the wins I had on the online version, which was an easier one to play. Here is a video where I am finishing a complex layout from my new Mahjong gameI did this one without using “Shuffle” or “Hints”. Sorry, I could only record the end part of this game because I am recording and playing at the same time. Hehehe!

Mahjong helps fight depression, improves memory and observation skills, prevents isolation, and helps people make better decisions. Here are two helpful articles on Mahjong.

Benefits of Playing Mah Jongg

Feeling depressed? Mahjong might be the answer

I suggest that you should play it too!

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