Last Memory Of My Best Scarf

My best friend once gifted me a lovely scarf. It lasted me two winters or so; and, then I lost it. I still do not remember where and how I lost it. I was commuting by bus so it is hard to remember when exactly it was not with me anymore. It was a crazy looking scarf. It had my favourite colours: maroon, red, some shade of blue, and brown.

Since I do not recall anything at all about how I lost it, I am healing this trauma by using a positive memory. Just a couple of months ago, I was in Downtown Ottawa. It was very cold and many well-dressed people were shivering. I saw a younger man who seemed frightened about the cold. I noticed him shaking a lot so I addressed him to find out if he was okay. He looked at me and blurted that he is very cold and does not know what to do. He seemed unable to keep on moving although he was standing inside a station. I immediately offered him my scarf; but, he was too shy to take it. I pressed further but he politely declined. So I pointed to a nearby bar and said that thee places are usually warm and they might have tea or coffee, which would help him get warm. He rushed towards the bar after thanking me. I prayed for his safety and ran downstairs towards the O Train.

Today, I was thinking about my scarf and trying hard not to curse when it occurred to me that maybe God took it to signal to me that He liked my previous attempt at saving a person from extreme cold. Now I can imagine what it would had felt like if he ended up taking my scarf that day. LOL! I don’t miss it now!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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