I like my ENFP personality although sometimes I think that real personalities are broader than Myers-Briggs personalities. One of the best things I have discovered about learning about my personality type is to listen to songs. Here are some songs that I think relate well to my personality type.

Delain – We Are The Others This one talks about how ENFPs do not believe in looks or labels. When I look at humans, I see them as who they are. I cannot fully read into things like “he is more handsome than him” or “she is fatter than her”. Even when I look for my future husband, I look at intellect and sincerity first.

Owl City – To the Sky  I believe sky is not the limit. For example, for a given concept, I can brainstorm multiple ideas and questions instead of just a couple; my ENFP personality allows me function as an Idea Bomb. Creating while awake is not sufficient for me! I also create content during sleep through Lucid Dreams, which include lifelike content and incredibly smart dream characters. I receive different kinds of creative dreams including precognitive dreams (dreams that later come true), warning dreams, and historic dreams. Check out some of my lucid dreams here.

Chumbawamba – Tubthumping  ENFPs learn fast and become more powerful after gaining lessons from any failures.

Auli’i Cravalho – How Far I’ll Go Curiosity and the need to explore new horizons is one of my key characteristics. When I was studying at University of Toronto, I studied English, Linguistics, Philosophy, Mathematics, and Biological Sciences. See how far I can go when I want to!

Phil Collins – True Colors   ENFPs attempt to bring the best out of everyone.

Owl City – Fireflies  This poem is perfect because it uses little things like fireflies and bugs right next to bigger things like dreams and Planet Earth. It sounds like a fantasy but it is actually a description of how ENFPs view reality and dreams.

Bryan Adams – You Can’t Take Me ENFPs become the face of resistance only when they truly believe in a particular cause.

Pocahontas – Just Around The Riverbend  ENFPs enjoy living their lives fully and exploring things as best as they can. They do not wed unless they are sure. Pocahontas never married Kocoum because she wanted to navigate through her life on her own. Same here! I have two ex-finances whom I could not marry because I felt that I could not enjoy my life with either of them.

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years ENFPs do what they feel is right. Although this song is about how ENFPs are dedicated life partners, I see a bigger meaning. I am not the type who likes to be centre of attention; but, I usually receive lots of attention for some reason. I made this blog after 9/11 and in response to an ongoing need to protect the oppressed. I am writing about myself here although doing so is not one of my favourite pastime simply because I feel that the world will be a better place if people get to read the thoughts of a coloured Muslim woman.

No Doubt – Just A Girl This song talks about how ENFPs easily see the bad side of the world and constantly fight back.

Tarzan’s Son of Man This song reminds me of myself. I give it my best shot if I feel that it is really worth it. For instance, protecting, counselling, and teaching an abused woman for more than 10 years is an easy task for me.

Lorde – Royals International Version This one summarizes me pretty well. Songs and dreams are important to me but someone’s private life is not unless someone shares things on purpose or something opens up in my dreams for some reason. ENFPs cannot be royals because they find life is some sort of fantasy and people select their rulers. In this blog, you must have read that I have Royal lineage since I am a Rajput. Well! This statement actually ties back to how after 9/11 I created this creative blog project to protect the oppressed. By mentioning my lineage, I am stressing the fact that people and ethnicities do not get annihilated simply because some Hitlers are after them.

SIAMÉS “Summer Nights” I like having fun. If I find an interesting place, I am very likely to bring my friends there one way or another.

Ylvis – The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) ENFPs are very inquisitive people. If they cannot find answers to some of their questions, they are very likely to daydream an intriguing story. My curiosity is the reason why I have studied a lot. Do you know that I am one of the students who were invited to participate in the process of appointing a Philosophy Professor at University of Toronto? I do not know exactly how many were invited; but, I recall seeing only 3 or 4 students in that room. This election required interviewing and talking to the professors so obviously only the best students were selected to do this. I always ask additional questions; and, brainstorming is one of my strengths.

Maddi Jane – Only Gets Better This one tells you that ENFPs are usually optimistic folks who have seen the ups and downs of this world and learned from experience. This song also shows that ENFPs are great friends because they offer their sincere efforts and feelings to their friends.

Pharrell Williams – Happy ENFPs are happy people because they see goodness of even the smallest things.

Yael Naim – New Soul ENFPs are very vulnerable people—a part of them is like a child—but they still attempt to protect you. They have some weaknesses and they are aware of them all; but, they tend to transform weaknesses into strengths.

Tangled Lyric Video – I’ve Got A Dream  ENFPs are the type of people others like opening up to. They make people feel better and help them live to their full potential.

Aladdin – A Whole New World ENFPs are great life partners because they are full of ideas and imagination; they explore things pretty well, which is the glue needed to keep relationships healthy.

Imagine Dragons – Believer  This song shows two things about me. First, it shows my spirit of resistance. I react strongly to things that really bother me, such as abuse of the vulnerable. Second, it shows my physical and mental strength that somehow keeps me safe. I once walked home with a broken foot that I had numbed in ice after it broke during a Martial Arts sparring match. I was alone that day; and, I was much younger with no access to car or bus because I had chosen to walk to the Dojo. So I just numbed my foot; put my boot back on; and, walked back. I was clever! I almost danced back home so that I was placing less pressure on my broken foot. My foot later got infected; but, it healed pretty fast because my family members protected me. I still have both my feet; and, I can still step dance. Out of all the martial arts and exercises I ever studied, I fell in love with Taekwondo the most. And, I had always wanted stronger legs since my arms and hands are rather slim. Recently, one of my special prayers—I call these Silver Bullet Prayers—got accepted. To make that prayer come true, God challenged me with bad health for some while. Guess what the most noticeable change was after the recovery? Well! My legs doubled in mass. This actually means that they will double in strength after I have finished the rest of my training.

Queen – We Are The Champions ENFPs are considered the champions of Myers-Briggs Personality Types because they help others achieve their goals.

Which songs suit your personality type? Find your list online and run it when you feel bored. This activity is lots of fun!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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