I Dreamt Of Wearing A Red Wedding Dress

I had a funny dream around year 2012. I have forgotten all about it because it made really less sense to meI have been very preoccupied with work.

In this dream, I was wearing a traditional Pakistani wedding dress; it was well-embroidered and had a lovely design. Red is one of my favorite colors; but, I reserve it for parties. In her article, “Here’s What A Man Perceives When A Woman Wears Red”,  Julia Brucculieri states that men find red color more desirable. Does that mean that I actually dreamt that I was at my wedding or that I will actually wear red on my wedding? Next, I stood near a man who reminded me of a teacher of mine. He was bald and very polite and caring. I spoke to him; perhaps, I complained about something as well. He replied back after listening to me in a patient manner. As I interacted with him, I realized fully that he was not my husband! Am I supposed to encounter this man on my wedding day; or, does he actually belong to the groom’s family? After talking to him, I woke up because my extensive red dress and the presence of this gentleman awed me!

Sometimes psychic visions take time to come into play. I have often wondered who my husband is; I have two ex-finances who tried desperately to win me but ended up losing me instead; and, I think less about men because I am an ENFP who likes going her own way. But recently, I have received multiple visions of a man who always appears very close to me. I have discussed in blog post “My Psychic Images Of My Future Husband” what I think this means.

Below, I have added some pics of mine that were taken at one of my cousin’s wedding. I was wearing a red party dress that day! It is a nice memory so I thought to share.


arzoo red dress 2 - Copy

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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