Sensing The Writer Through His/Her Writings

I was volunteering to help a writer finish her tasks today when I got too absorbed in typing out some of her works. This is when I almost felt her sitting very close to me. I sensed a certain sort of energy again today! This energy is specific to this particular writer; I sense it whenever I am working for her. I had a couple of dreams that remind me of her. I started having these dreams when I kind of forgot to work on her project. This is when I started getting haunted by dreams that seemed a bit broken and not mine⁠—I know its not just stress. I took this as a signal to start working on her project right away!

I had similar encounters with other writers and poets⁠—I can have lucid dreams about only some of them. Read “Another Lucid Encounter With My Favourite Poet“; and, you will realize that it is possible to receive energies/vibes before becoming lucid. These sensations are called “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”. One way of inducing such hallucinations is to meditate while lying on bed; relax your muscles and body; and, then start listening to all the sensations and sounds around you. Make sure all the electronics are turned off though! Since I am telepathic, I can experience energies with just a little bit of stimulation, such as a poem.

So I listened to one of his poems tonight. The atmosphere around me started changing gradually while I was still awake. First I felt a presence near me while I was resting on my bed. It was a very comfy presence so I slept near it while hugging it. This is odd to explain! Basically my bed is always warm; but, today it felt different because the atmosphere became heavier and denser. I could feel strong vibes of some sort coming from somewhere. Then there was this comforting smell that I continued to experience till morning. Source: Another Lucid Encounter With My Favourite Poet.

Once you have successfully activated relevant “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”, then know that the portal to connecting with an idea or person is now open. This is how I keep getting repeat dreams about some of my inspirations.

I was tired and resting on a large bed. A man who resembled a famous American poet sat on the floor near my bed. His face was facing me; and, he was slowly stating some mysterious and endearing words. I could hear him say something in Urdu although I know that the poet whom this dream character resembled does not know this language. His voice was very soothing; and, I started feeling relaxed after listening to him although I could not fully understand what he was trying to say. Source: A Man Sitting Near My Bed.

After interacting with your dream characters for some while, you should be able to tell certain things about the person you are dreaming about. For instance, something will play differently that would show you a particular characteristic of your inspiration.

At some point, his face started vanishing because I was too tired to maintain the dream scene. But then I thought that I did not want him to disappear. As soon as I thought this, his face appeared again. Source: A Man Sitting Near My Bed.

This tells me that the American poet I have been studying is actually a very sensitive and empathetic person because his face disappears and appears based on my needs. So adorable!

Try connecting with yourself and your inspirations while activating “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”. Its an experience you will never forget!

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