Four Of My Favourite Brain Foods

I have been hooked on these four brain foods since I was a teenager.

  1. Coconut Oil: I used to get this in form of Coconut chunks that I would chew for pretty long.
  2. Potatoes: I used to eat lots of home made chips. Read “Pickled Mangoes and Potato Tikkis“.
  3. Mangoes: I rarely eat like 4 mangoes at once; sometimes, I eat 2 mangoes in a day.  Read “Pickled Mangoes and Potato Tikkis“.
  4.  Red Peppers: I love food and snacks that are spiced with red peppers. Read “My Favourite Treat: Achaar With Roti”.

I was always like this! I did not had Internet back home in Pakistan. I only had access to school books and one local bookstore. When I came to Canada over 20 years ago, I learned about the benefits of the foods that I had been consuming. Apparently, all of these are great for brain’s health. Seriously! Every time I eat these foods, my brain literally makes an additional yummy sound/voice that I feel vibrating deep inside me. It’s kind of freaky to experience this although I totally love it!

Below are some helpful articles.

How Coconut Oil Benefits and Protects Your Brain

Potatoes: Health Benefits, Risks & Nutrition Facts

Mango Nutrition — Tropical Fruit for Lowering Blood Sugar and Boosting Brain Health

How Spicy Food Changes Your Brain And Overall Health, According To Science

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