I am usually a very serious person; but, there is this really funny side of my personality that shows when I am writing funny stuff like jokes or having fun with close friends. I just captured some images of my face with face decorations—I took these with Samsung Galaxy A20. Thought to share with everyone!

So what exactly grants me this type of lethal sense of humor? Well! Here is a real answer based on my personality type, ENFP—ENFPs are considered Champions of Myers-Briggs Personality Types. Inside my creative mind, I see very fine lines that separate different aspects of my personality and thoughts. Its exactly like looking at a thin line appearing or disappearing all the time! This is why it is rather easy for me to be very serious and be very funny.

I can clearly see why my two ex-fiances got attracted to me. Both of them had a very strong sense of humor. My Pakistani ex-fiance used to make everyone laugh in parties or in group setting. My Belgian ex-fiancea Dyslexic geniusused to prank only his closest friends; and, he definitely wanted to prank me after our marriage. One strong reason why I couldn’t marry such funny and smart men is because I was pretty young and inexperienced at that time. I was around 25 years old when I started liking my second ex-fiance; and, I never dated my first ex-fiance. Read blog post, “What Kind of Guys I Attract?

ENFPs are often extremely silly people…They enjoy playing pranks on people, and simply do this in order to get a laugh out of everyone…This makes them great company… Source: “What Your Silly Side is Like Based On Your Personality Type“.

One of the worst pranks that I have ever thrown occurred in my best friends’ company. Once my best friends decided to prank a groom at a friend’s wedding by making him eat sweets that had vinegar added to them. I helped them change the Indian sweets that were purchased for the couple; and, I also sewed the sweets in a thread. The idea was that the groom will pick up one thread and attempt to all the sweets on that thread. We were all bridesmaids so we were able to offer this condition to the groom. This is how he ate more than one sour sweet just before his first night. KO!

Asian Girl Eating Hot Noodles
Reading A Great Philosophy Essay
A Great Essay Has Ended!
Chippy & Cheese
Chippy & Cheese
Feeling Slick!
Miss Nutty
Tired Chef (Doing Overtime; At End of Shift)

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