An Angel Guards Him

The dream started in a house. It was dark, perhaps because there was less light or perhaps because I wanted it this way so I may think less while I wander. I had come to meet a great Human Rights Activist—he is a world-renowned activist. I could see him and his son sitting close to each other as a tall, lean gentleman addresses both of them. Then the father just disappears while the son remains. Eventually, the discussion is over. Thus, the tall lean man just sleeps on the sofa—maybe, he was a guest or a family member. The son then left to do something; and, I tailed him asking him where this Human Rights Activist had gone. I was now in a different part of the house which looked a lot like the first part of the house I had initially inhabited. I could now see a female family member carrying a bowl of food while walking in the room. At this point, something made me leave the house. I was now outside, near a garage. A woman stood near the closed garage, her head turned upwards as if she was seeking the stars. When I arrived, she looked at me; and, I felt less fear since I was staring at a human face—it was oval with slightly pointed jawbones. The way her head was tilted upwards made me think that she was not a human being—it was tilted all the way up, at 180 degrees from the position that is used to bow during prayer, in a freakish manner. She was very still for several moments as she listened to the sky and then quickly checked me out. She smiled at me; opened the garage door; and, let me in. He was inside. He saw me and walked towards me. I went close to him and placed my hand and head on his chest. At this sight, the woman who was standing outside said to him, “I think she likes you”. He smiled and replied, “She is a friend”; and, then he hugged me gently. He seemed very happy and relieved for some reason. I could sense him fully at this point. He was a being full of positive energy, laughter, and life. I see how he had made me feel so safe! I have always wanted to meet him because I have found his work to be very inspiring, which is why I had this dream.

I woke up soon after he hugged me. I could still sense him around me; and, I felt extremely vibrant energy surging through my mind, body, and soul. I felt different! I felt much rejuvenated! This is when I realized that the female dream character who was standing near the garage must be an angel. It was analyzing me before allowing me to proceed further and it was totally out of place! In my dreams about portals that I refer to as Stargates, things usually go out of place. What if this woman was not fitting into this entire picture because she is a stargate or an angel! I mean the Human Rights Activist in question has saved so many lives and still continues to do so. If you review my site properly, you will find lots of dreams where the names of the individuals I dreamt about are not mentioned. The person from this dream is actually mentioned in the blog post, Dance of Heroes.

I have done some thorough thinking before adding this paragraph. Carl Jung used his dreams about his career to become the Founder of Analytical Psychology. What if this dream means that one day I am supposed to do something big in the field of Human Rights! What if this Human Rights Activist was actually a spirit guide! I am currently working on two projects related to Human Rights: one is related to poetry and the second is about World Peace. Please sincerely pray that things go in the right direction.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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