How Far Ahead In Time Can A Lucid Dreamer Really Go?

I have been reading “The Lucid Dreaming Pack” by Robert Waggoner.  On Page 36, he describes how he went into outer space; saw planets and moons; and experienced energy as he moved through the ring of a planet. He asserts that it is hard to ignore that one feels that all this is real since this content already exists before the dreamer enters this world; at the same time, he speculates if this is a symbolic inner journey of some sort. I felt very astounded when I read about this because going into the space is an idea that I am not that open to for some reasonnow that I  have been given this idea, I might try it in the future. This finding is the reason why I wanted to compose this blog post.

I have read in Islam that the soul leaves the body while someone is asleep. Read blog post, Detecting Soul As It Leaves the Body. In addition, a Biophysicist named Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov shares that he has found a way of displaying the human soul as it leaves the body. See YouTube video “Scientist photographs soul leaving body”. To answer the question, “Where does the soul go when one is asleep”, I turned to the Sufis who are well-known for deep meditation, which is required to activate the brainwaves needed for lucid dreaming.  According to Sufism, the human soul resides in a place called Barzakh during death, sleep, and meditation. If you put pieces of the puzzle this way, it is easy to see what that outer space Robert Waggoner is talking about. Its part of the Barzakh!

Okay! Now comes a dream that I have so far felt very daunted to document. I think I had this dream when I was a teenager. Before I share this dream with you, I have to share two significant things about me.

1) I am a Writer.

“When it comes to perceiving the truth, …over and over again writers who seem to be way ahead of their time describe things that we wind up experiencing. And, I also think that through their imagination, they have the ability to penetrate these other dimensional realms, what we take as fictional really does exist in some ways” Source: “Rosemary E. Guiley The DJINN“.

2) I am an ENFP, which is a personality type that holds the most geniuses. Read Which Type Has the Most Geniuses? I know that I am a genius not by looking at my grades but my evaluating my attitude. For instance, sometimes I become telepathic and/or lucid and other times I am tuned out. This tuning in and tuning out is an indication of a genius brain.

Okay! So I feel you are ready to read the rest.

In this particular dream, my family members and I were inside a round object, which looked like a roomI think that the roundness of the room is important because it is easier for the round objects to travel through time. The room was dark although there was some orangish light that illuminated certain parts of the room including the bed and the window. I could see my parents sleeping on the bed; they seemed fast asleep and disconnected from things that were around them. I could also see one of my younger brothers standing near the window and looking outside. I was watching while sitting in the far corner of the roomI must have chosen this position because I was having an Ambient Lucid Dream during which I do not engage the dream characters but just watch what goes on. I looked outside the window along with my brother. To  my surprise, I saw a war break outside. Things were getting destroyed and burned. Soon, a shadow appeared in the room and now I could see it on top of my parents’ bed.

This dream makes sense after more than 20 years I conceived it. I am a Muslim; and, I am currently witnessing a genocide involving the Muslims. Muslims are being abused and murdered in so many countries including United States, Canada, Britain, India, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, and China. All this has worsened since 9/11, which happened when I was no longer a teenager. As the dream predicted, my parents are currently somewhat disconnected from their surroundings because they are very old. This is what this particular dream was foretelling.

I have thought about what exactly created this dream. I used to pray to God when I was a child and I continued to do this one way or another as I grew older. During my deep meditative states, I used to think about protecting the Earth and the Earthlingsonly a couple of years ago, I have found out that I could think like this because I am an Empath ENFP. However, I feel that teachings of Islam are helping me think this way as well. Another aspect of my personality that is allowing me to think so clearly is my ability to daydream and create fascinating dreams. I am an ENFP, which means that I have survived adulthood and I am still childlike despite being old, wise, and mature.

So here is my advise to all of you. Use the following to become lucid:

  1. Your spiritual and/or religious self
  2. Meditations
  3. Daydreams and Imaginations
  4. Any strong aspect of your personality
  5. Delete any lines or concepts about time and boundaries that you have learned while navigating except for lucid dreaming techniques

If you become afraid from a finding, acknowledge your fear and attempt to overcome it. I don’t mean to teach in a pushy manner, which is what I do when I am learning as well. This is why I said, “acknowledge your fear”. Seriously! It is okay to slow down if you need to. I think you will learn and act in a more effective manner even if were going slow compared to what you know is your real speed.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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