I have only one year of martial arts trainingin Taekwando and Karateso far. I had to temporarily leave my training due to bad health. However, while I was healing, I prayed for strength from GodI also focused on my need to learn martial arts while praying. The rest is a real miracle.

When I was learning Taekwando, I used to kick 40 to 50 times with both legs; sometimes, I used to make 100 kicks from each leg. I loved learning on my own, which is why I used to practice a lot on my own. At the dojo, I made sure to spar next to the strongestyes, I did spar against very athletic and vascular men. I was just a White Belt when I learned to dodge Black Belts. Once one Black Belt who kicks really fast managed to kick really near my eye. I would have damaged my eye if I failed to move away fast. But, I shifted away successfully. Another time, I had to numb one of my broken foot to get back home while walking on both feet. I knew it was broken but I was pretty young to think for myself and my parents weren’t home. I was very careful while I walked! I shifted most of my weight on the other foot. I could do so wonderfully because I am a great dancer. So I got back home on my own. My  family members took care of me afterwards, which is what I wanted because I really did not want to shock them.

Anyways, during my recovery, something marvelous has happened to me: my legs have become very strong. I gained some weight due to bad health. But, then I joined college and ended up walking a lot. Thus, my legs became pretty muscularI adore them more now. I remember that once during the recovery I went outside for a small run. I was very surprised when I felt I was dashing at a high speed so fast that my heart was unable to function properly for a bitI will keep exercising so that my heart would adjust to this massive change. I wonder how hard I am going to kick this time!

I can’t believe another prayer of mine has been accepted. I call these special prayers, “Silver Bullet“; and, I believe these prayers are at a different level altogether.


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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