Using “Wings” To Control Movements Or Thoughts Of Dream Subjects/Characters

Some days ago, I had a powerful dream about a world-renowned Human Rights activist. Read “An Angel Guards Him“. I analyzed this dream again in blog post “Who Are The Best BodyGuards In The World?

The best bodyguards in the world are those lucid dreamers who can use dreams and telepathy to protect their loved ones. I realized this truth when recently I had dreams about a very well-known Human Rights Activist and his family. I am not sharing all the dreams I had about them because I wish to protect them. In these dreams, I briefly saw places where they were living or visiting; maybe, I made up these places and they do not really exist; also, twice I traveled with him. I wondered about this new reality a lot! This is kind of new because I have not paid that much attention to his family members; but, they are still appearing in my dreams for some reason. Source: “Who Are The Best BodyGuards In The World?

I thought about all of this again. The dream was way too powerful so I thought back slowly.  Just today, it occurred to me that I usually pray for him and his family members before I fall asleep. Just a couple of times, I made an intention to protect them but this time I used hand gestures to play—you know, I like joking sometimes. Thus, I used my imaginary Bow and Arrow and attached “wings” at his and his closest family members’ backs. Then I meditated, “God, I want to give them power and protection. When the need arise, I need them to run in the right direction”. I have always channeled on God and Angels, which is why I feel I saw an angel guarding him during my dream. I had most of my lucid dreams after 9/11, which is why I feel that God and angels are helping me dream. To tell you the truth, I did not knew many techniques before 9/11; and, I have somehow managed to have tons of dreams with the easiest strategies.

A woman stood near the closed garage, her head turned upwards as if she was seeking the stars. When I arrived, she looked at me; and, I felt less fear since I was staring at a human face—it was oval with slightly pointed jaw bones. The way her head was titled upwards made me think that she was not a human being—it was tilted all the way up, at 180 degrees from the position that is used to bow during prayer, in a freakish manner. She was very still for several moments as she listened to the sky and then quickly checked me out. She smiled at me; opened the garage door; and, let me in. He was inside…I woke up soon after he hugged me. I could still sense him around me; and, I felt an extremely vibrant energy surging through my mind, body, and soul. I felt different! I felt much rejuvenated! This is when I realized that the female dream character who was standing near the garage must be an angel. It was analyzing me before allowing me to proceed further and it was totally out of place! In my dreams about portals that I refer to as Stargates, things usually go out of place. What if this woman was not fitting into this entire picture because she is a stargate or an angel! Source: An Angel Guards Him.

Just recently I read that a calamity fell on some of their family members. I have been worried sick ever since I read the news. I even cried! Are they worried? Did they pray too and somehow my angels connected into these prayers and brought them to me? This is why my angels are letting me see them in my dreams. The angels are signalling to me that they are okay. So “True Love” is really that powerful and beautiful!

Oh! Sorry about the fact that I have to think really slow to figure out what exactly is going on. Sometimes, my mind feels like a real wormhole or some sort of tunnel that I use to travel through time!

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