Bodyguarding: Using Video Game Mode To Figure Things Out About India

Note: I have never been to India although I strongly believe that I saw India in this dream. Here I am discussing one political move that I was not aware of until I had this dream.

I was resting in the car with one of my female relatives. It was warm and sunny outside.  I got out of the car because I was getting bored. Before I left, I told my relative that I needed to go. I got out of the car and started walking on the grass. Behind me, very far away from me and almost at the horizon, there was a really large building that had many manicured lawns and fantastic gardens. It seemed to be made out of bricks; its color was beige-brown; and, I thought that it belonged to an academic institution. Perhaps the fact that it was a university was emphasized by a young male dream character who was riding a small bike that looked like a golf cart but did not had the roof and was half the size. I felt curious about where I was so I went near this person and poked him. When he noticed me, I asked, “What is this building behind me?” He seemed arrogant and did not want to wait to explain. So he kept driving away, looked back, and shouted, “Its Five!”

This guy drove ahead while I walked behind him since I did not knew where to go. As I followed him, I ended up in a more open space. I could see Modi, some members of his party, and people who belonged to the university including the students. Several booths were set up on both sides of the street; and, Modi’s team was busy distributing some flyers to them. The guy who was driving the small golf cart like vehicle kept driving and eventually disappeared in the crowd. I kept walking and came to a place where a fence was guarding a new building that was near a park of some sort. Many kids were playing in that area. I checked them out for a bit; and, then I climbed over the fence. On the other side of the fence, there was another door that led to a place that had elevated areas for people to sitthis place looked like an entrance to a subway or a staircase. This particular door was very beautiful. It had a circular design with bars made out of stone that protruded inside a hollow circle that was also made from stone. I pushed the door open and got inside. There was a young girl sitting at the window alcove. I asked her if she knew where a certain Western Human Rights Activist lives or where he is right now? She said that she does not know, which symbolizes how some of the younger generation is not well versed in real politics. Thus, I complained to her, “How come you don’t know him? He is really famous”.  Then I told  her that I will go and find him myself. So I kept looking around; got tired; and, kind of woke up. Then I fell asleep againI am a heavy sleeper.

This time the dream started in the middle of the night. I was near a place that had a gigantic wall next to bushes or trees. There was a guy ahead of me; and, he was climbing the wall pretty fast like a ninja. I saw him do this and felt intimidated because I have not flown in my dreams for some while. Even then I attempted to climb the wall and follow him. Suddenly, the Human Rights Activist I was trying to find earlier came flying towards me. I could see him clearly right now. He seemed like a real alive person. I think he noticed me and was about to say something to me. To my utter surprise and shock, the scene suddenly became violent. I think there was someone else in the trees besides the male who had just climbed over the wall. Maybe, there were two guys hiding thereI don’t know for sure. A guy who was dressed in black and whose face was concealed stabbed this Human Rights Activist. The activist fell down and almost fainted due to pain. I held him as he tried to communicate. Furthermore, I noticed that the stabber was a young man who actually felt bad about what he just did—he seemed confused. I wanted to get help so the scene shifted. I was now near a shop or an office; and, a dream character came out from this place as I held the activist and almost cried. I told this new dream character to immediately call 9/11. I talked to the activist and tried to comfort him. His shirt was now open; and, I could see the cut made by the knifethe cut was made somewhere just above or on the abdomen. His body was still warm and alive; and, he was still breathing. He was looking at me and was aware of me despite his poor condition. I held his hand and placed his head against my chest as I slowly talked to him. I felt horrible because I did not realize what had just happened and why. The night became darker as the rain gradually poured on us. How the rain just appears to change the atmosphere and temperature and how intense emotions show during this dream are indications of presence of my guardian angel. Read “11 Signs You’re Being Visited By Your Guardian Angel” and “Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Messages in Dreams” to learn more about guardian angels that visit people during their dreams.

I activated this dream by meditating on the video of this Human Rights Activist. I was able to initiate “Hypnagogic Hallucinations” pretty fast after this meditation, which is how I received this dream. During the dream, I became aware of the simulation mode I was running when I tried climbing the large wall. I climbed it too fast, which is why I felt that I was just playing a video game. According to article, “Do Video Games Improve Your Ability to Lucid Dream?” video games improve one’s ability to engage in lucid dreams.

This dream shares a political move that India’s Modi government is currently playing. Before I had this dream, I had an idea about how some activists were receiving death threats from certain figures including members of India’s Internet Troll Army; I knew about how Hindutva thugs attacked the JMI university, which I thought was an incident that just happens to involve a university; but, I did not know about the fact that Modi’s government is building a culture of abuse and assassinations inside universities. I found out about this aforementioned fact after I woke up from this dream and googled for ideas by using concepts taught during this dream. Here is what I found while awake. Astounding!

In this dream, I connected with a dream character that was sitting on some sort of vehicle and driving it in the university’s lawn. Although he seemed to ignore me and chose not to talk to me, he led me to a place where I could see the booths that were set up by Modi’s team. Dream characters are very incredible entities that offer insight into things that one is not aware of or things that are about to happen in the future. It must be noted that this dream character helped me because I was not rude to him. Apparently, there is a way of talking to your dream characters; take your time to learn how to have a constructive dialogue with dream characters. From experience, I have learned that it is best to just stick around with your dream characters; and, if they are based on real persons, then please do not show those people any kind of hatred or hostility.  I have learned from experience that if you were to stick around with your dream characters, then they actually evolve over time and become stronger. Read one of my experiences, “Dream Characters That Appear Suddenly To Warn“. The professor who appears in this dream is actually a much older dream character. He has grown older and wiser inside my head, which is how he is acting more assertively as mentioned in the blog post, “Dream Characters That Appear Suddenly To Warn“.

It is possible to get precognitive dreams or to make profound conclusions by analyzing the data collectedI think this is one of those dreams that is supposed to change the course of history. Read Rebecca Turner’s article “10 Dreams That Changed Human History“. I think that this dream is suggesting that if the current atmosphere of bullying that is sustained by Modi’s government continues, then even the wisest and the most well-known Human Rights Activiststhe guy who met me in this dream is a very respected historic figure—will face extreme hardships and assassinations. I think we survived in this dream though! I am not sharing his name here because I do not want the bad guys to develop ideas about murdering him—this dream could be just a symbolic dream but you know how some dumb people work. However, I am still sharing this warning with concerned Human Rights Activists. 

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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