I Just Saved Someone From Being Urinated On Inside The Bus

Today, inside the bus, something very weird and creepy happened. A young Lack woman got on the bus and sat just a couple of seats away from me. She seemed drowsy and was wearing eye glasses to conceal her eyes. She sat slumped on the chair and did not seem all there. I managed to look at her eyes even though her glasses were on; her eyes were closed. Every now and then, she would spit a lot on the floor. I observed her for a bit and though she was drunk or stoned or maybe she she had been to a dentist’s office. I had placed my bad on the floor and my purse on the other seat; and, now I was just busy checking her out.

After a while, another young Black woman came and sat on the seat that was right next to this lady’s seat. She placed her feet on the spit and sat down. At this point, I started feeling worried. I mean with the Coronavirus outbreak, making contact with someone’s spit is not a good idea. Instincltly, I started praying. I had a bad feeling and the thought that something was wrong kept hitting in my head. After I finished praying to God, I had courage enough to ask the other Black woman who just happened to seat herself next to this lady to come close to me. She made eye contact with me pretty fast; got up from her seat;and walked towards me. I made her sit next to me instead and I told her that that woman was spitting for a long while and that she might be drugged or drunk.

So Episode 1 of this scary movie is over.

Then came Episode 2.

The lady next just removed her pants. I looked at her doing this and just panicked. Instinctively, I picked up my bag from the floor as well as the rest of the belongings from the other seat. Next, I ran to the driver and told him that someone has just undressed inside the bus. He went in a shock and asked me to clarify what I was saying. I looked back at the lady. She was now urinating in the bus. The urine was now spreading quickly towards where the other woman was sitting–she was holding  and where I was standing. So I told the driver again exactly what was going on. He just stopped the bus and got to the woman to check if she needed medical attention. And, I got off the bus. Phew! This was so stressful for me to watch. I am hoping that this lady stays safe.

Perhaps, I should become a detective. My gut feelings are really astounding!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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