Dancing Is Great For Your Brain

When I was a teenager, I used to keep myself balanced by dancing. I used to dance for hours at weddings, parties, and in my room. Just like now, I used to daydream a lot, which is how it was easy for me to dance. I even used to use my reflectionI danced in front of the mirrorto see how I looked while dancing and which moves needed to be changed. I had just a little bit of real practice, which occurred when my friends and/or teachers would teach us dancing for the school events. I learned the rest of the moves by using videos. Apparently, my moves were good enough; and, I used to get lots of attention at weddings and parties due to these. Disney cartoon movie, “Ballerina” reminds me of myself; this movie teaches that real dancers just know how to dance without much supervision or real lessons.

I know a bit of Bollywood Dancing, Tap Dancing, Couple Dancing, and Indian Stick Dancing. Source: Dancing Feels Ecstatic

For me, dancing does not end in real life. I see people dancing even when I get lucid dreams. I have not danced during my lucid dreams though, which I think is because I dance in real life.

Today, I found a riveting article titled “Is Dancing Good For The Brain?“, which is written by Angela Betsaida B. Laguipo. This article shares the fact that dancing is good for your intellectual, emotional, and motor brain functions. This explains why I have always felt amazing after engaging in this particular activity.

One day, I will learn dancing in a classroom; and, I will definitely dance with my (future) husband.

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