Connecting With The Inner Child

I was in a superb mood yesterday. I daydreamed an entire story about how I think I got married. I navigated through “Online Read Free Novel” and wrote down names of authors whose works I wanted to read. I thought back to how I used to read Enid Blyton’s novels “The Adventures of the Wishing Chair” and “The Magic Faraway Tree”I was a kid when I read these so only now I know that she is a racist writer.  I even used my altered energy state that occurs right before I fall asleep to channel into a part of my body where I was a bit sick.

When I fell asleep, I was visited by a child who sat next to my feet on my bed. The child smiled and asked me why I posted about a dating article on my social media—this is the type of question a child would ask. I defended my choice by asserting that the writer of this article is known to have written several interesting articles and I wanted to read and share the writer’s opinion. The child smiled at me and leaned over while extending his hand on the other side of my bed. He showed me two cards and then placed them on my hands. I looked at him and thanked him. Perhaps, I had somehow forgotten whose cards these were and the child was trying to remind me that they were mine.  As I looked away from the child’s face and gazed at the cards that I held in my hands, something magical happened. One more card and a lanyard appeared; the lanyard had my initials written on it. I thought I woke up during the dream and I memorized what just happened during this queer state. Pretty soon, I thought I had fallen asleep again when I had not awakened in the first place. Thus arrived the rest of the allure!

I believe that the rest of the dream is more superior than the races and fights shown in the movie “Transformers—my favorite character is Bumblebee. The experience of navigating through this dream, which was filled with illusions and involved racing cars, is like when you learn new emotions from foreign languages that are not taught in the English language. Read article titled,”The ‘Untranslatable’ Emotions You Never Knew You Had“.

I am an ENFP so I love brainstorming. My first book will have all of my lucid dreams, which will show how quickly I can brainstorm ideas. For me brainstorming and thinking in a random way is the basis of joy, which is how I can even connect well what does not seem to connectof course, this ability drives me crazy with delight. Since the ENFP personality type is the Champion of Myers Briggs Personality Types,  I can easily use some the characteristics that are highlighted in other personalities while awake or asleep. So one particular type of my brainstorming that I conducted before sleeping included meditating on two peopleCJ Werleman and Craig Considinewho are known to be risk takers, are social, and demonstrate sensitive behavior. I actually woke up after some part of this race was over. Then I fell asleep again while imagining to fire a gun to restart the rest of the raceI actually put my fingers up towards the sky and shot my imaginary gun. Just before I fell asleep, I quickly meditated on all my heroes. Read “Dance of Heroes“. Pretty soon, the rest of the dream started.

If you analyze the dreams and the sequence in which they appear, you will notice that the inner child is moving forward in various forms that have something to do with Craig and CJ both of who have demonstrated risk taking, social, careful, and sensitive behaviors. First the inner child appears as a “sensitive child who visits the woman” and a “patient woman who listens well to the child despite being bedridden”; soon, the inner child evolves into dream characters that are risk takers and social in nature. The last part of the dream—things that are taking place inside the racing trackcarried illusions that reminded me of the works of Salvador Dali; these occurred when I meditated on the rest of the heroes that are mentioned in the blog post “The Dance of Heroes“. I will describe this dream in detail in my first book.

Lucid dreaming offers belief in powers of the self and others by providing an experience that one did not had before. Its like and yet more than just adding emotions and concepts through language inside someone’s mind.

Whom do you want to meditate on before falling asleep? Do you have imaginary friends like I do? You should! I use my imaginary friends to dream and write and sometimes to react. Furthermore, what is your personality type; and, which personality type do you want to study to become better at lucid dreaming?

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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